Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 10, Day 1

Start of Week 10 today, and I’m pretty amazed I’ve made it this far to be honest.

Week 9 last week was SO busy – I’ve managed to hook up with some local Perth girls who are also completing BBG, and we’ve organised our first meet up which is really exciting! We’ve also organised to have customised singlets made up for our first meet up.


Last week was really busy as I’ve started to incorporate HIIT into my workout schedule. I completed my second HIIT last week on Thursday, which was interval sprints on the treadmill.


I was drowning in sweat by the end of this HIIT, but I absolutely loved it. I completed 16 mins at speed 14, and did 30 sec on and 30 sec off intervals. I enjoyed this HIIT way more than trying to do intervals on the cross trainer, so I think I’m going to stick to the treadmill from my sprints and either work up the speed, or work up the internals, as I’d love to get to 40 secs on, 20 secs off at a high speed.

I started Week 10 today with a 5am workout, and completed Week 10 legs. Those double bench jumps, and burpee, push up, bench jumps really get you! I can tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow, so I’m planning on foam rolling tonight to help my recovery.

My plan for workouts whilst incorporating HIIT is;

Monday – Morning Resistance

Tuesday – Morning Resistance, HIIT in afternoon.

Wednesday – LISS

Thursday – HIIT & LISS

Friday – Morning Resistance

Saturday – LISS

Sunday – Rest (Foam Roll)

I mentioned before that I was hoping to get into a morning workout routine. I’m really happy to report that I am well and truly into the morning workout routine, and I love it! I definitely can’t sleep in or muck about when my alarm goes off, due to the military precision timing for finishing, stretching, and then getting ready for work, but I find I’m actually excited to get up and complete my workouts now! I love starting my day with a workout; it’s gets me into a great frame of mind for the rest of the day.

If you haven’t tried a morning workout yet but you’re thinking about it, I put some tips up in an earlier post. You might try a morning workout and hate it, but at least you will know!



Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 9, Day 2 + Progress & Motivation Pics

I posted some progress photos on my Instagram last night – once again, I’m not going to pop them on here as I always started crosstitchery as a craft blog; my BBG posts are just such a big part of my life though, it’s hard not to post about them. I know I could start another blog devoted to BBG, but let’s face it, I can’t manage 2!

It was really hard for me to post these progress photos, because I don’t see much physical change still. I know there’s some; I definitely feel stronger during my workouts. I want to remain in tune with the whole BBG journey though, so I posted my progress pictures anyway, and I’m really glad I did.

We are always more critical of ourselves than what we are of others. I see people’s progress photos and then, ‘Holy wow batman – they are doing SO well!’ and yet I can’t see the same about my own progress photos. So by sharing them, I’m opening myself up to people who DO see progress, even though I don’t, and when they tell me they see progress, it’s so motivating.

So for anyone just starting, or half way through, or a lot of the way through, I recommend sharing your photos, even if you don’t feel like you’re had a huge transformation like some girls, because the BBG community will always motivate you, and build you up when you feel down.

My other piece of advice is to use a photo of yourself to motivate you. Taking progress photos is such an important aspect on this journey – the scales might not move too much, but tone and definition will happen over time, and tracking this is a great way to keep your motivation high.

I took a sneaky selfie on the weekend after one of my workouts, and it’s now my motivation pic. I’ve set it as my phone background as a reminder that I have made progress, even if I can’t always see it or don’t always think it. And when I want to give up and not do a workout, I’m going to look at this pic to motivate myself.


Motivational Pic :)

So I’m onto Week 9 and completed my first resistance which was legs – wowwwee! 50 jump lunges hurts. I mean, in reality, 40 jump lunges hurt but those extra 10 really take the cake. A new exercise that came up was X hops for 20 reps. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but boy does it have me walking like a cowboy today.

I also completed my first HIIT yesterday after work. I used our work cross trainer to do 30 sec on (level 6, 80 – 90 rpm), and then 30 secs off. I made it to 10mins before I had to pull the pin – IT WAS SO HARD! My aim is to increase my HIIT on the cross trainer to 15 mins as per the guides.

In other news, I got 2 new pairs of trainers, I ate wicked eggs on the weekend, and my foam rolling / stretching has done me the world of good – my recovery is a lot better and my sore muscles hurt a lot less after rolling!

Good luck BBG ladies – wishing you all the best in your week ahead!

Erin x

Bunting Cushion – Finito!

I quickly just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who originally followed my blog for craft completions, and has instead seen my BBG / fitness posts lately. I really appreciate you staying with me. BBG has been life changing for me and I can’t help but share my recaps / progress / advice & tips – fitness is now as big a part of me as crafting is! Anywho, onto my latest completed commission!

Bunting Cushion Montage

Here’s my latest completed commission – a bunting cushion for a brand new baby girl! I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite commissions. My client requested pastel colours to match the nursery, and I adore the colours that I was able to pull.

IMG_0675I’ve always wanted to try a bunting cushion or quilt, and when my client asked for whimsical, I thought bunting would suit the theme.

I decided the 4 colours would be the bunting, so I started by creating a cardboard template. I followed the way I would usually make bunting (check this post here for instructions).

Bunting Cushion (3)Once the bunting was completed, I arranged them to look like a string of bunting, and as I wanted to leave the flags loose, I top stitched the top of the flags to the cushion top. I then overlayed ric rac, pinned, and then top stitched twice to ensure the ric rac was secured. This commission had an personalised applique for the cushion front, so I added stabliser and used a blanket stitch to applique the name to the cushion top.

I decided the back would be 2 lines of bunting, and completed this the same way as the front – top stitch the flags to the back, and then top stitch the ric rac over the top line.

I added a lapped zipper (instructions / advice here). As the front was a cream, you could see an outline where I had either 2 layers of fabric, or the stabliser behind the applique. I wasn’t happy with this finish, so I added another layer of white fabric behind it. I added this to the top with a 1/4″ seam. For the back I had to make sure I left a gap for the zip to pass through.

Bunting Cushion (1)

Double Layer Fabric – Gap for Zip to Pass Through

This was almost going to be the finish of the cushion, but I decided it needed more colour and thought adding binding would finish it perfectly. I made some binding out of the coral and turquoise fabrics, and it’s the perfect finish to this cushion I think.

I’d love to know your thought so on my latest commission. It’s been delivered to my client who loves it – I’m so happy to hear her feedback!


Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 8, Day 4

Hey you guys – happy Thursday!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend for some quality rest and relaxation time with Mr A – I’m so happy it’s Friday tomorrow!

I am also so happy, because I managed to do another morning workout to finish off my final resistance training for Week 8 – hooray!!!

Today was leg day, and boy did I feel it. Circuit A consisted of X Jumps, Weighted Step Ups, Jump Lunges, and Tuck Jumps. Circuit B was Sumo Jump Squat, Split Squots, Weighted Walking Lunges, and Broad Jump Burpees. No wonder I was sweating bullets by the end of it!


I started my warm up at just after 5a and finished up at about 5:45a. This is a really good routine for me – I have enough time to have a shower, blow dry my hair, style my hair, get dressed, feed our dog, and have breakfast (usually in the form of a smoothie, because let’s face it, I’ve chucked it in a cup to drink in the car on the way to work), so I can be out the door by 7a.

I have a bit of work to do on my tuck jumps for sure – I think the correct technique is to start in a squat, tuck jump, and then finish in a squat, but this morning thanks to all those other leg exercises, I was finishing in a standing position instead. So I focused on finishing in a squat to make sure I was working my glutes etc. I’m in absolute awe of the people I see who can jump out 20 tuck jumps so easily – definitely something to strive for.

What’s your favourite leg exercise?

Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 8, Day 2 + Morning Workout!

Feels SO GOOD to be back training!

That week hiatus is exactly what I needed to let my mind and body recovery after some sickness. I restarted Week 8 yesterday with abs and arms, and really focused on activating my abs during each exercise; my abs feel great this morning!

AND I’M SO PROUD – because I got up at 5 AM this morning to do my second resistance training of the week!

I mentioned in an earlier post I was hoping to try a morning workout, because I wanted to get a kick start on the day. Instagram and the #BBG community gave me so much inspiration to try a morning workout, so this morning, I set my alarm for 5AM, and completed Week 8 Abs & Cardio!

My poor pooch was wondering why mama woke him up so early morning hahaha!

I feel fantastic, like I’ve already accomplished so much for today. After work this means I can take my time walking my dog, rather than rushing like I usually would. When I complete my workouts in the afternoon, I’m always rushing; rushing to get home from work, rushing to fit in my workout, rushing to take my dog for a walk, rushing to make dinner, rushing to tidy up, and then rushing myself to sleep.

I’m hoping morning workouts will be a sustainable change for me – even if 2 out of 3 of my resistance workouts are morning ones, that will make the world of difference! I also think morning workouts will help my fit HIIT in when I start that next week.

I thought of some tips I could share for anyone else who normally works out in the afternoons but is looking to try a morning workout.

Morning Workout Tips

  1. Be prepared – set out your workout gear the night before, and know what your exercises are. I set up my equipment and gear the night before, so that in the morning all I have to do is hop out of bed, get dressed and start. If I had to figure out clothes and what equipment I need, I might lose motivation.
  2. Visualise your goal – think about why you’re getting up early, and I think you’ll be more successful in waking up. Whether your reasons are so you get a kick start on your day, or so you have more time in the afternoon, if you know and think about your reasons for getting up early, you’re more likely to do so.
  3. Move your alarm – move your alarm so it’s far from your bed and so you have to physically get up out of bed to turn it off. Rather than lying back down, or hitting snooze, have a big glass of water and go to the bathroom!

I hope these tips help you if you’re thinking of doing a morning workout!

Erin xx