Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 8, Day 1

I’m writing this as I always make myself accountable for the things I want to change; my eating habits.

The last 3 weeks have been SO busy for us – so many social gatherings, birthdays (including Mr A’s), and lots of family events. These things = no routine, too many treat foods, and too much alcohol (including poor food choices based on my inebriated state).

I’m accountable for all the poor food related decisions I’ve made in the last 3 weeks. And I’m really feeling it. Even though I’ve loved every moment of these events, I know it’s possible to enjoy myself without falling off the band wagon – I just need to work harder at it.

SO – start of Week 8! I’m so excited for this! This post is confirming my commitment for my final 5 weeks of BBG Round 1. I take my 8 week progress photos next week and I’m fairly certain I won’t see much change. Even though I’ve been able to complete all my resistance training and multiple LISS sessions over these last few weeks, I know my diet has had a huge effect on my progress. So this week I’m smashing out my resistance training, and placing emphasis on eating well.

These last 5 weeks I’m going to get back on track with my eating; I’m committed to making healthy choices no matter what’s going on in our life.

If you’ve struggled at any stage during your BBG journey I’d love to hear from you, if only to know that I’m not alone.




6 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 8, Day 1

  1. I started week 7 and then, 10 days ago, I went on holidays to Sicily and I am still there. I am having ice cream for breakfast, arancini, pizza, pasta, ice cream again and stopped training…. I will get back from the holiday next week on Monday and start week 7 again and rock it until week 12. I guess we should allow ourselves treats from time to time and not feel guilty about them, as long as we will get back on track :)


    • You’re so right, you should enjoy your holidays, including all the amazing food that is available! I think my downfall is the amount of treats I’ve let myself have.

      I agree, as it’s definitely a balance. If I was on holiday I would be enjoying all the local cuisine to the fullest extent too :)

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  2. Oh Erin, I hear you! For me food is 80% of the challenge – when I’m eating right, the exercise becomes easier too. And eating out can be such a challenge. I was out for dinner last night and while all my friends ate fried, crumbed chicken & chips, I ordered lamb and quinoa salad! Not fair! What do they say…abs are made in the kitchen? :) Congrats on reaching Week 8, fantastic progress…I’m watching enviously from Week 1! x


    • I agree Sharon, food is probably 70% of the challenge for me too!
      I’d have been a little envious of their meal too .. I guess the main thing is balance right?
      Thanks so much! I’ve hit a road bump and have caught a cold AGAIN (last one was only like 3 weeks ago). I always feel less motivated when I’m sick, but I’m trying hard to keep pushing.
      You got this girl, the weeks will fly by!


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