Kayla Itsines // BBG Recovery Week + Foam Rolling

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been a bit sickly lately, and that I was considering taking a week off to give me body a chance to mend and heal.

Thank to some lovely comments and encouragement, I’ve decided to take a week off as a recovery week from this sickness, and I’m really happy to say that I feel better already. A week off is exactly what I need to allow my body to recover from these colds, and to recover mentally.

I’ll be honest, it’s really hard to take a week off completely. I’ve always been an active person, so I’ve been continuing with LISS through taking our dog for a walk, and by going to boot camp. In reality, my week off is really just a week off from resistance training.

Mentally it’s really hard to take a week off because I’ve always been one to push and challenge myself. I know in the long run this is for the best, because if I kept working out my body (and mind) would’ve just been getting sicker and sicker. I’m going to repeat Week 8 when I recommence next week, and smash out my last weeks to reach Week 12. I know I’m going to lose some momentum with my progress but this is a lifestyle change and not just a 12 week challenge in my mind.


I received my foam roller yesterday and tried it out for the first time too. I can see it’s already going to be a love hate relationship – it feels so good, but makes me so sore at the same time haha!

Kayla’s free e-book that you get when you purchase her foam roller came through and it’s fantastic – it explains the benefits of stretching and foam rolling, for someone who hasn’t foam rolled it gives you instructions on which areas to go through and what to do.

I’ve been researching some more resources for foam rolling though, as I need to target my neck and shoulders. Like many, I sit at a computer all day and often get knots in my neck and shoulders which can lead to headaches so I’ve looked into foam rolling these areas to alleviate this.

My #augustgoal is to foam roll after each workout. Given that I’m not doing any resistance training this week, I’m trying to foam roll each day anyway, as I love the feeling. Some tips I’ve received is to hold each ‘tender’ spot for at least 20 seconds. Kayla recommends holding tender spots for 90 seconds, so I’m going to try and work up to this.

Here are some great references I found when looking online. If you have a foam roller but haven’t used it, check out these links below which will help you get started. I found it easiest to YouTube foam rolling though, as I’m a visual learner and I like seeing people doing the movements.

Foam Rolling Explained

Foam Rolling for Beginners

Relieve Shoulder Tension



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