Kayla Itsines // Morning or Evening Workouts?

Do you BBG girls complete your workouts in the morning or evening?

I see so many Facebook, WordPress and Instagram posts which have warrior women getting up early to complete their resistance and LISS training – I am envious!

Since I started BBG, I’ve always completed my workouts in the afternoon / at night. I feel like I don’t have time in the morning, because I start work quite early.

I’d love to be able to do my workout in the morning though – it’d be a jump start on my day, it would kick my metabolism, and I’d be a whole lot less likely to want to skip a session because of a long and hard day at work.

So I’m intrigued – when is your favourite time to do your workouts? If you workout in the morning, what time do you have to wake up in order to do your resistance training?

For me, I’ll need to wake up between 4:45 – 5am to do resistance, have a shower, blow dry my hair, and then style my hair. My hair is definitely the hardest part; it is SO thick that it take forever to dry .. And if I don’t style it, I’d look like a crazy big hair woman haha!

I’m going to give a morning workout a go though; even if I can only do it once a week, that will be a big change for me!

I’d love to hear about your routine if you workout in the morning! :)

Erin x


15 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // Morning or Evening Workouts?

  1. I do evening/night workouts too! I cannot find the warrior in me to wake up at 6am to workout as I typically leave for work at 8.15am. I prefer working out in the evening before having my dinner, I find that it helps prep me for better sleep. :D

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    • Haha oh boy – I for work at 7am so I think I’m going to really struggle to find enough warrior in me to get up early enough to fit a workout in!

      My main reason for wanting to try a morning workout is because I’m always so rushed in the evenings; between working out, cooking dinner, walking our dog, and having some me / us time, it’s bed time before I know it!


      • Maybe do your LISS and walk the dog in the morning? Or prep your dinner ahead of time so that when the time comes, you just need to reheat the food. I don’t have a dog, but I have been cutting down cooking time by advance prepping.


    • I do a 7:45am workout on a Saturday with my group fitness class which is awesome – I feel so good for having accomplished that so early on in my weekend.
      I can imagine morning yoga would be glorious! :) :)

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  2. I’ve just started BBG and am a shift worker so have to workout whenever I can – I love having the rest of the day free after working out in the morning but when I start work at 6 AM some mornings, my workout has to happen in the afternoon! :) It does make it hard in terms of the potential to skip a session – my couch always looks so much nicer than the gym after a long day at work! :D


    • I’m so impressed – great commitment working out around your shifts! Haha couldn’t agree more .. I swear my couch calls my names after some long days at work! In excited to try a morning workout – I’m actually just excited to get back into BBG after a week off thanks to some sickness! Erin xx

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    • Oh Briana I hear ya – lack of motivation is so high after work some days. I’m going to give it a shot! Just need to invest in some wireless headphones so I don’t wake up my neighbors at 5 in the morning haha! xx

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  3. Hahaha this is so funny :D I have the same struggle with my hair it takes forever to wash, blowdry and style because it is so long but I still love it !! I really like working out in the morning because you feel so awake and good after it. But honestly I usually work out in the late afternoon.. Thank you so much for sharing. Love, Anna


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