Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 8, Day 4

Hey you guys – happy Thursday!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend for some quality rest and relaxation time with Mr A – I’m so happy it’s Friday tomorrow!

I am also so happy, because I managed to do another morning workout to finish off my final resistance training for Week 8 – hooray!!!

Today was leg day, and boy did I feel it. Circuit A consisted of X Jumps, Weighted Step Ups, Jump Lunges, and Tuck Jumps. Circuit B was Sumo Jump Squat, Split Squots, Weighted Walking Lunges, and Broad Jump Burpees. No wonder I was sweating bullets by the end of it!


I started my warm up at just after 5a and finished up at about 5:45a. This is a really good routine for me – I have enough time to have a shower, blow dry my hair, style my hair, get dressed, feed our dog, and have breakfast (usually in the form of a smoothie, because let’s face it, I’ve chucked it in a cup to drink in the car on the way to work), so I can be out the door by 7a.

I have a bit of work to do on my tuck jumps for sure – I think the correct technique is to start in a squat, tuck jump, and then finish in a squat, but this morning thanks to all those other leg exercises, I was finishing in a standing position instead. So I focused on finishing in a squat to make sure I was working my glutes etc. I’m in absolute awe of the people I see who can jump out 20 tuck jumps so easily – definitely something to strive for.

What’s your favourite leg exercise?


6 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 8, Day 4

    • Thanks Briana! It’s been a rough week with the early starts, as I can feel myself fading during the day .. But I’m determined to keep it up! It’s such a great start to my mornings, and it’s definitely means I’m less likely to skip a workout after a long day at work.

      Thanks for your support!
      Erin x


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