Bunting Cushion – Finito!

I quickly just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who originally followed my blog for craft completions, and has instead seen my BBG / fitness posts lately. I really appreciate you staying with me. BBG has been life changing for me and I can’t help but share my recaps / progress / advice & tips – fitness is now as big a part of me as crafting is! Anywho, onto my latest completed commission!

Bunting Cushion Montage

Here’s my latest completed commission – a bunting cushion for a brand new baby girl! I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite commissions. My client requested pastel colours to match the nursery, and I adore the colours that I was able to pull.

IMG_0675I’ve always wanted to try a bunting cushion or quilt, and when my client asked for whimsical, I thought bunting would suit the theme.

I decided the 4 colours would be the bunting, so I started by creating a cardboard template. I followed the way I would usually make bunting (check this post here for instructions).

Bunting Cushion (3)Once the bunting was completed, I arranged them to look like a string of bunting, and as I wanted to leave the flags loose, I top stitched the top of the flags to the cushion top. I then overlayed ric rac, pinned, and then top stitched twice to ensure the ric rac was secured. This commission had an personalised applique for the cushion front, so I added stabliser and used a blanket stitch to applique the name to the cushion top.

I decided the back would be 2 lines of bunting, and completed this the same way as the front – top stitch the flags to the back, and then top stitch the ric rac over the top line.

I added a lapped zipper (instructions / advice here). As the front was a cream, you could see an outline where I had either 2 layers of fabric, or the stabliser behind the applique. I wasn’t happy with this finish, so I added another layer of white fabric behind it. I added this to the top with a 1/4″ seam. For the back I had to make sure I left a gap for the zip to pass through.

Bunting Cushion (1)

Double Layer Fabric – Gap for Zip to Pass Through

This was almost going to be the finish of the cushion, but I decided it needed more colour and thought adding binding would finish it perfectly. I made some binding out of the coral and turquoise fabrics, and it’s the perfect finish to this cushion I think.

I’d love to know your thought so on my latest commission. It’s been delivered to my client who loves it – I’m so happy to hear her feedback!



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