Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 10, Day 1

Start of Week 10 today, and I’m pretty amazed I’ve made it this far to be honest.

Week 9 last week was SO busy – I’ve managed to hook up with some local Perth girls who are also completing BBG, and we’ve organised our first meet up which is really exciting! We’ve also organised to have customised singlets made up for our first meet up.


Last week was really busy as I’ve started to incorporate HIIT into my workout schedule. I completed my second HIIT last week on Thursday, which was interval sprints on the treadmill.


I was drowning in sweat by the end of this HIIT, but I absolutely loved it. I completed 16 mins at speed 14, and did 30 sec on and 30 sec off intervals. I enjoyed this HIIT way more than trying to do intervals on the cross trainer, so I think I’m going to stick to the treadmill from my sprints and either work up the speed, or work up the internals, as I’d love to get to 40 secs on, 20 secs off at a high speed.

I started Week 10 today with a 5am workout, and completed Week 10 legs. Those double bench jumps, and burpee, push up, bench jumps really get you! I can tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow, so I’m planning on foam rolling tonight to help my recovery.

My plan for workouts whilst incorporating HIIT is;

Monday – Morning Resistance

Tuesday – Morning Resistance, HIIT in afternoon.

Wednesday – LISS

Thursday – HIIT & LISS

Friday – Morning Resistance

Saturday – LISS

Sunday – Rest (Foam Roll)

I mentioned before that I was hoping to get into a morning workout routine. I’m really happy to report that I am well and truly into the morning workout routine, and I love it! I definitely can’t sleep in or muck about when my alarm goes off, due to the military precision timing for finishing, stretching, and then getting ready for work, but I find I’m actually excited to get up and complete my workouts now! I love starting my day with a workout; it’s gets me into a great frame of mind for the rest of the day.

If you haven’t tried a morning workout yet but you’re thinking about it, I put some tips up in an earlier post. You might try a morning workout and hate it, but at least you will know!



6 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 10, Day 1

  1. Wow! Nice work! I have been slacking on my BBG workouts, but you might just push me to keep going! (i’m focusing on running, and the heat makes me lazy!) I can’t believe you guys are organizing a Perth meet-up! I am from Perth originally! Wish I could join!


  2. I’m so envious that you have other BBG girls in your area! I keep seeing the meetups on Instagram and wish I had some locals here in central Iowa. Congrats again on getting to Week 10!


    • I never thought it would happen to be honest – Perth is pretty small! I hope some girls hop on the BBG wave soon so you’ll have some local girls to support you!

      Thanks so much – I actually can’t believe it’s Week 11 next week!


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