Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 11 + Rest Day(s)!!

I had my first complete rest weekend from BBG since I started – I always do LISS on a Saturday, but this Saturday, we were road tripping to Albany early in the morning, so unless I was going to work out in the car (and I was driving!) it wasn’t meant to be. The drive is to Albany about 4 hours, and as soon as we got into town we were busy.

Usually I’d feel super guilty about this – I’m a slight perfectionist, and quite often set myself high goals, so before BBG, I would’ve kicked myself for missing a workout.  I’ve learnt during these last 11 weeks that it’s all about balance. I’ve worked out 6 days a week (sometimes twice in 1 day), for the last 11 weeks, so having 1 weekend off really is not the end of the world. My body needs it. My soul needs it. And taking the weekend off and spending heaps of time with Mr A has been awesome!

We lunched and walked, checked out the new National ANZAC Centre (which is amazing), caught up with family for a christening and engagement party, and checked out the Albany whaling station. All in all, a delightful weekend.

On the drive down I saw these beautiful yellow fields – yellow is my favourite colour, so anything yellow always catches my eye. I later learnt these yellow flowers were canola, and are ALL over the fields during the drive down – Mr A and I were determined to find a field to take some photos in. Mr A is a great photographer, and captured some photos that I <3!

I’m so glad I took this weekend off, and didn’t fret about working out. Enjoying our time away together is exactly what we needed.

I’m onto Week 12 today and am looking forward to my workout already – ready to smash out legs to start Week 12!





6 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 11 + Rest Day(s)!!

    • Hi Anna, thanks for saying hello!

      I can’t comment on the HELP (food) guide, as I don’t follow that – but the BBG (workout) guide is definitely hard. it is challenging, and you do have to be mentally strong to push through, because there is no one standing over you to tell you to keep going.

      I think what I’ve learnt during the last 12 weeks is balance – I don’t follow the HELP guide, but I have cleaned up my eating. I still have treats, and days where I want to give up, but pushing through comes from the mental strength I have gained.

      Kayla has trials of both guides on her website if you are interested. Otherwise if you were to start the BBG guide, you could use an app like My Fitness Pal to make sure you are getting enough food to fuel the additional workouts you do.

      Let me know if I can be of any help at all, and good luck if you decide to start :)
      Erin x

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