Etsy Cross Stitch Patterns

It’s been a long while since I’ve completed a cross stitch, and I’m yearning to do one as a bit of down time during the evening. I’ve previously posted about designing cross stitch patterns with Excel, but I quite honestly have not had the time do that lately.

It takes time to design in Excel, so I’ve been putting off completing any cross stitches until I had the time to create my own. However I’ve come to realise that I probably won’t have time to design for a long while, so instead of shelving a hobby that I love, I’m going to purchase some patterns instead – hence the Etsy cross stitch patterns.

As a craft lover, I love Etsy. I purchased items from Etsy for my wedding to support independent sellers, and I absolutely adored these items, so I have faith in Etsy and the people who sell on there. It is a goal of mine to open my own, ‘Crosstitchery,’ store shortly, once I have photographed my items.

Generally cross stitch patterns on Etsy are for digital downloads, which means once you’ve made payment, the seller will either e-mail you PDF patterns, or they will be available for instant download. In order to get access to these PDF patterns, you simple need Adobe Reader (download here), and either a tablet if you want to keep the pattern in digital format, or a printer to print the pattern to hard format.

Just by searching,’ cross stitch patterns,’ on Etsy you’ll be able to discover a whole range of patterns to create. I generally look for patterns that I love, check the seller’s feedback, and have a quick squiz at a preview of the pattern to make sure it’s suitable – I once purchased a pattern and it was 30 pages (!), even though it really could’ve been put on 10. Needless to say, I’ve never cross stitched that pattern, so from that experience, I always make sure the pattern is a manageable size for what I want to create.

I purchased 2 patterns to stitch and I can’t wait to get started! I am planning on turning both of these into cushions, because let’s face it, I love to sew!

Harry Potter Parody 

Unique Wedding Wreath


13 thoughts on “Etsy Cross Stitch Patterns

  1. I actually had software from Jane Greenoff that let you create designs by inserting images or motifs or making up your own. You could alter colours (and choose between DMC and Anchor threads, for instance) and size easily and add in text in certain fonts. It was great fun and I designed a ruby wedding anniversary sampler for my parents as well as several special personalised birthday cards.


    • Oh that is awesome! I’ve seen different cross stitch pattern software around, I’ve just never committed to buy one. But that sounds great, especially being able to change between DMC and Anchor.


  2. Etsy is wonderful. And I like the idea of supporting the artists. I have purchased many things from Etsy and have been thoroughly satisfied. I have even purchased several cross stitch patterns from Etsy and have been happy with those, too. I am looking forward to seeing what you are creating and stitching.

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    • I’m glad someone else has the same thoughts – I’ve heard a lot of negative things about Etsy recently that I’m not sure are warranted, though I can only talk about my experiences and the sellers I’ve encountered.

      I’ve completed the golden snitch – I love this pattern so much! :)


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