Kayla Itsines // BBG Workouts, Home Equipment

If you’re just starting out in BBG, or you’re interesting in starting, working out at home and completing the BBG program at home is a completely viable option – how awesome is that?! Kayla has designed the guides so they are accessible to everyone – you don’t need a gym membership to be able to do the whole program.

A lot of the equipment is available for purchase at affordable pricing at stores like Kmart or Target. I’ve added links to all the equipment available from Kmart, and you can see it is affordable to purchase all the equipment you need. You could even check out Gumtree or eBay for new / used equipment!

Equipment List

Fitness Mat (Required) – You’ll use this for push ups, ab bikers, burpees, mountain climbers, and stretching. A requirement in my mind, as we spend a lot of time on the floor during BBG, and support and padding for our bums / backs is definitely a good thing!

Dumbells (Required) – You’ll use this for weighted lunges, and weight knee ups. The weight of your dumbells will depend on your fitness level and strength – Kayla has recommendations in her guides for weights. If you’re unable to purchase dumbells, fill up bottles of water instead and use them as your dumbells. Convenient for hydration during your workouts too! :)

Kettlebell  / Medicine Ball (Required) – You could use both, or you could just use one – it is up to you and your budget. I personally don’t have a medicine ball, and just use a kettlebell in place of when the guide has medicine ball squats. Again, the weight of either or both pieces of equipment is dependent on your fitness and strength.

Foam Roller (Required) – Optional to some people, but definitely required in my mind. Aids in recovery, and has so many benefits. Also required to recover from #deathbykayla haha! :) You can either purchase this from a store like Kmart, or purchase from Kayla’s website as you receive her Foam Rolling e-Book for free (usually $14.95 AUD). I purchased from Kayla’s website and found the e-Book really helpful, as I was a foam rolling beginner :)

Bench (Required) – You’ll use this for tricep dips, knee ups, and ab work. Use whatever you have at home, or check out fitness stores if you don’t have anything suitable. The most important part is that whatever you use must be stable and strong – no injuries please! I use our outdoor lounge set for my workouts, and it looks like this.


Skipping Rope (Optional) – This is optional as you can air skip instead, but I personally think it is required, only because I find I don’t ‘air skip’ very well, so I don’t get much of a workout if I don’t have an actual skipping rope.

Step (Optional) – You’ll use this for split squats and raised tricep dips (depending on your bench height). This is optional in my mind, as you could have an item at home that you could use. I found it quite hard to do my training without one though, so I’d recommend purchasing one.

Bosu Ball (Optional) – You’ll use this for bosu burpees and bosu push ups. I don’t have one of these and do a variation workout instead, so this is optional in my mind. I haven’t looked into pricing yet, but I’m going to look around as I think using a bosu would step up the intensity.

As you can see, buying equipment to start doing BBG at home is an affordable option, and best of all, you don’t have to have all this equimpent at once! If you’re just starting out, I would recommed buying first;

  1. Fitness Mat
  2. Dumbells
  3. Kettlebell
  4. Skipping Rope
  5. Foam Roller
  6. Bench (from home)

You can work your way up to the other equipment as your budget allows, but the above 6 items will give you a great start to working out.

Don’t let not having a gym membership get in the way of starting – the hardest part is taking the first step, but it won’t be long until you’ve made positive, healthy changes in your life, and the sweat will all be worth it!

Erin xx


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