Crosstitchery does Japan! 

Mr A & I commenced our holiday to Japan by landing in Tokyo, where we have been staying for the last 4 days.

Our base was Shinjuku, which is the fourth busiest train station in the world moving over 2 million people in a day! We became accustomed to walking quickly, always knowing our destination, and making sure we were always concentrating to make sure we didn’t bump into people – we took to calling Shinjuku Station, ‘running the gauntlet.’ 

We travelled to different parts of Tokyo  including Akihabara (electronics district), Harajuku, Ueno, Shibuya (the place of the world’s busiest intersection) and Yoyogi. 

We took a day trip to Nikko to see the autumn colours, which is something I have always wanted to do. The journey took so long, including a traffic jam on the side of the mountain as its coming into peak season and we went on a weekend (silly!), but the views were so worth it.    

Today we travelled to Hakone, close to Mt Fuji where hot springs are in abundance; we plan on making the most of these to relax and rest our feet, as we have walked over 10kms each day for the last 4 days. We are staying at a traditional ryokan with tanami mats and traditional Japanese wear. 

I am in love with the Japan – the food is incredible, the atmosphere is amazing, and the friendliness and courtesy of the Japanese people is something we will probably never experience back home. 




8 thoughts on “Crosstitchery does Japan! 

  1. Si & I watched a doco last night about Japanese rugby & the experiences of Kiwi players.It echoed what you just said – friendly and the best experience. I’d love to go now! Keep posting photos :)


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