Home Time

Mr A & I arrived home last Thursday after an amazing trip to Japan. Quite honestly, amazing doesn’t adequately describe it – there aren’t really any words to write that will explain our time and experiences well enough. All I can say is, if you ever get the opportunity to go, please do!

The food, the people, the scenery, the culture .. it is all so so amazing, especially compared to back home.

I love that you can be in metropolis Tokyo surrounded by neon signs and the hustle and bustle of people, and then in on a few hours (or less!) be surrounded by zen gardens, gorgeous autumn leave colours, and submersed in the history and awe of huge temples and shrines – it really is a total package when you go over there.

There was so much walking on our trip – at one stage we clocked 31,000 steps in just a day! (I had to go soak my feet in the bath this night, as they were so sore!). On average, we walked 24,450 steps each day which is just insane. It probably explains why, even though we basically lived in bakeries, tempura, green tea ice cream, and white rice for 2 weeks, we didn’t put any weight on – we burnt it all off with that walking I think!

We took a trip to Universal Studios when we went to Osaka as they have a Harry Potter world, and as you can tell from here, I’m a huge Potterhead. We got to walk through Diagon Alley and go into Zonks. We went through Hogwarts Castle and tried butterbeer, and OH. MY. LORD – IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! Imagine pancakes with maple syrup in a cup, topped with melted marshmellow .. Heaven in a glass.

I’m tempted to go through absolutely everything, but I think it might be boring for most people, so I’ll just say, we had a truly incredible time. I’m so happy that we went, and that Mr A & I got to spend so much time together exploring a whole other world. We are really lucky and blessed to be able to do such a thing.

That being said, I wasn’t sad to come home. It was a mentally and physically exhausting trip and we couldn’t have maintained that pace for much longer. 2 weeks was just perfect, and gave us both an opportunity to have a mental break from work and everyday stresses.

Now that we’re home, I’m getting back into my BBG workouts (I’m doing a restart – more on that later!), and I’m starting my next commission, which is for another Harry Potter cushion! Thankfully the timeframe isn’t a tight, so I’m really enjoying stitching this one up.

Here’s a couple of photos of our travels! :)


6 thoughts on “Home Time

  1. I loved following these on IG! Si got used to my phone being shoved under his nose with the “oooh! look!” cry echoing in his ears. So we’ll go in a few years.
    About BBG – worth trying, even tho I can’t use one wrist properly?


    • Haha that’s so awesome! Do plenty of research to see where you want to go, but honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong over there!

      Definitely worth trying! For anything that causes your wrist pain, I would just replace or modify the exercises. If you’re interested, there’s a free trial program on the BBG website – it will give you a taste of the sort of exercises the program has :)

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  2. This looks amazing! Japan is at the very top of the list of places Boyfriend and I want to visit! It looks like you had an awesome time. And I didn’t realize that there was Harry Potter World in Osaka…now I have even more of a reason to want to go!

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    • It was truly incredible to be honest! I’d recommend some research before you go so you make the most of your time over there. And yes! Harry Potter World is definitely something you need to experience :)


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