Kayla Itsines // BBG Round 2, Weeks 1-8

A number of weeks ago I mentioned I would be restarting Kayla Itsines’ BBG 1.0 program, after completing it for the first time just before we left on our trip to Japan. I decided I wouldn’t post as much as I did during my first round, as I wasn’t sure much would change, but I thought I’d do a recap of the first 8 weeks for anyone who is interested – I’ve currently completed 20 weeks of BBG in total.

Let me start by saying, I can no longer imagine NOT doing BBG. I love the routine it provides me, and I really look forward to the workouts each day. During my first round, I began the weeks by completing my workouts in the afternoon, and in the middle of the round I started doing them in the mornings instead, as this meant I wasn’t prone to skipping, and the weather was getting warmer in the afternoons.

Fast forward 20 weeks, and I’m pleased to say 99% of my BBG workouts are done in the morning now! My body clock is so used to the early mornings, it just naturally wakes up at 4:50a and is ready to go – I never thought I would see that day haha! Working out in the mornings for me means I beat the heat (it’s been 31 degrees at 8a before!!), so I’m less prone to skipping a workout due to it being too hot, and it really kicks start my body. A couple of days ago I had a restless night sleep and thought I’d ‘reward’ myself with a lie in and just do my workout in the afternoon – big mistake! I was like a walking zombie the whole day and I solemnly believe it was because I missed my workout that morning.

For anyone who is thinking of redoing BBG 1.0, I would highly recommend it. My experience so far has been great – the exercises are still challenging, they still get my heart pumping and my body sweating (so. much. sweat!!), and I find I’m able to get through a couple of extra reps or rounds each circuit. This round my focus has really been on my form, particularly my abs, as I want to make sure I engage my core throughout all ab exercises to make sure they really get a workout. It’s been awesome so far; I can really feel my abs working and burning, which I didn’t often feel during my first round. I think this down to all areas of my body being a lot stronger 20 weeks later. I’m really glad I’ve repeated BBG 1.0 before moving to 2.0, as I think it’s given me the opportunity to focus on my form, rather than speed, which I think will be crucial for 2.0.

My progress during these 20 weeks has been more than physical. I can’t stress this enough, but BBG is as much (if not more!) about the mental changes that take place. I love exercise, and I love eating well and feeding my body with good stuff to make it go. I have embraced balance and no longer see something that be considered ‘naughty’ as a ‘treat’ – it’s just all in balance. I no longer judge other women, or secretly put them down, or say nice things to their face but think nasty things behind their backs. I’m ashamed to say this was a common occurrence 20 weeks ago. I would say nice things to other women, but secretly judge or be jealous of them – 20 weeks later, I can honestly say everything that I say to others is with positivity only, there’s no more veiled jealousy or judgement. I believe people work dam hard for where they are, and that everyone must start somewhere, so who the hell are we to judge?

I’m looking forward to these last 4 weeks of BBG, as I know it steps up a lot and focuses on individual areas, rather than combined areas. The last week 4 were gruelling for me during the last round, so I’m excited to see just how much I have progressed!

These photos are 4 weeks late, as I haven’t taken any new ones yet, but I can definitely see the physical progress which just further ignites the fire in my belly to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. No more bingeing out on crap, and then feeling sorry for myself after – balance is key!!


Ombre Home Sweet Home Cushion

Ombre Home Sweet Home Cross StitchMany many moons ago, I completed an ombre home sweet home cross stitch .. Do you remember? If you’re a new reader, probably not as it’s over a year ago now that I completed it (time flies!)

This is what it looked like, and here’s a link to the original post regarding it.

I asked for advice on how best to present this for my friend who was building her own house, and who has recently moved in – yay! Some suggestions were a hoop covered with turquoise ribbon, or framing it in white.

I decided I wanted to present this cross stitch as a cushion – here’s the finished product which I gifted just last week! I bordered the cross stitch with a bright turquoise fabric, and used a grey and turquoise feature floral fabric as the second border and backing. I inserted a lapped zipper into the back for a neat finish for this cushion.


 Happy housewarming Anna! I am so proud of all that you have achieved.


Finito! – Harry Potter Cushion

The first part of my latest commission is all done – Harry Potter sampler cross stitch pattern sewn into a cushion.

Harry Potter Cushion

This cushion is going to a new baby boy who’s nursery is a blue & forest themed space. I used a woodgrain fabric to suit the forest theme, and then bound the cushion in a bright, royal blue which had a nice contrast against the brown woodgrain fabric.

The cushion looks amazing in person (if I do say so myself hehe!). The woodgrain fabric looks amazing against the cross stitch, and almost gives it a magical feel.

Harry Potter Cross Stitch

I absolutely love this woodgrain fabric, and I really wish I had’ve bought more when I saw it!

Harry Potter Cushion

The overall cushion finished at 21″, as the pattern is about 15″ finished, and I really wanted the woodgrain fabric to be displayed. My client posted a photo of baby Tyler against the cushion on my Facebook page, and he looks so small against it – he will no doubt grow into it shortly though :)

I’m onto the next portion of this commission now, which is going to be  a framed Marauder’s Map cross stitch for Tyler also.

Would just like to wish you all a safe, happy, and craft Christmas and New Years also – all the best!

Erin xx

Redo – Harry Potter Cross Stitch

So it’s been Arctic quiet on here lately and I apologies for the silence .. It’s been a busy time at the crosstitchery household, as I’ve been working my tail off on this latest commission.

My previous commission was for the Harry Potter Sampler cross stitch which you can see here.

This commission was such a hit that I received another 2 orders for the same pattern before we left for Japan. This patterns takes a long while to stitch – working full time, maintaining a household and having a social life impacts on my time to stitch, but I try and fit in at least an hour every day to gradually chip away at it.

I’m happy to say I’ve nearly finished the first portion of this commission, here’s a progress photo.

Harry Potter Cross Stitch

The flags are by far the hardest part of this commission. There’s so many stitches in each one that it usually takes me like 5 hours just to complete one!


I’ll be turning this completion in a cushion also, with wood grain fabric to create the cushion as this commission is for a new baby who has a forest theme nursery.

The second part to this commission is another Harry Potter cross stitch which we will be framing. It’s based on the Marauder’s Map, and is so darn cute for a new baby boy.

I’m looking forward to getting this sampler finished and whipped into a cushion so I can start stitching a new pattern soon :)

Christmas Treat Bags – Reindeer Noses

Organised Chaos

If you have a few children you need to give a ‘little something’ this Christmas, you can make this Reindeer nose treat bags in  matter of minutes.  We turned it into a family project.


You will need, clear plastic sweet bags (Spotlight sell these), a label maker (or labels to write your own), Malteasers, Jaffas and a stapler.


1.  Make a label for each bag  ‘REINDEER NOSES’.

2.  Stick the label onto a sweetbag, but don’t do it too low otherwise you will cover the noses.

3.  Put 8 Maltesers to represent the Reindeer and 1 Jaffa for Rudolph’s nose.

4.  Fold over the top and staple.


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