Christmas Treat Bags – Reindeer Noses

Organised Chaos

If you have a few children you need to give a ‘little something’ this Christmas, you can make this Reindeer nose treat bags in  matter of minutes.  We turned it into a family project.


You will need, clear plastic sweet bags (Spotlight sell these), a label maker (or labels to write your own), Malteasers, Jaffas and a stapler.


1.  Make a label for each bag  ‘REINDEER NOSES’.

2.  Stick the label onto a sweetbag, but don’t do it too low otherwise you will cover the noses.

3.  Put 8 Maltesers to represent the Reindeer and 1 Jaffa for Rudolph’s nose.

4.  Fold over the top and staple.


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