DIY Bunting Cupcake Toppers

It has been crazy busy at the Crosstitchery household, getting ready and planned for one of my best friend’s kitchen tea / hen’s in the lead up to her wedding.

We celebrated it this weekend with a bohemian themed day & night adventure. It’s been about 2 months in the planning, so to have it go off without just a few minor hitches was a HUGE relief – I really just wanted my friend to have an amazing day and night to remember, and I’m 99% sure that is the case .. so big win!

I catered a lot of the food for the event, including some cupcakes for the afternoon tea portion. I had originally ordered some handmade heart cupcake toppers and confirmed prior to ordering, that I would receive them by the 15th of January, as I needed them on the 16th of January.

Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive on the 15th, and with the event the very next day I was scrambling to make some cupcake toppers for the next day. I finished work late, so no shops were open and I had to make do with things I had around our house.

Cue – fabric sticky tape bunting toppers!

These were SO easy to make, I made 24 in about 15 minutes and they’re just so adorably cute.

I grabbed some fabric tape that I had laying around (the gods were looking down on me in the stressful time I think!), and I cut a 3cm (~ 1″) strip, wrapped it around a toothpick, and then just snipped inwards on either side to create the bunting look.

The overall flag size was about 1.5cm (0.6″) which was perfect for the cupcakes I made.

Just wanted to share this really quick, simple DIY as it’s too easy (and cute!) for me not to share with you guys.

My friend had an amazing day and night, and we made some awesome memories to celebrate her wedding coming up shortly. I feel very lucky to be included in such a special time as her Maid of Honour.

In other craft news, I’ve got an order for a, ’50 Shades of Grey,’ inspired cushion, 1 more Harry Potter sample cross stitch /cushion to complete, and a potential baby quilt to make, so there’s a fair bit on the go in our household at the moment. I cannot wait to start playing around with the new fabrics I posted about previously – I just need a bit of spare time up my sleeve to have a play! :)




New Fabrics .. What to Do?

I generally avoid the after Christmas sales at all costs – busy, crowded areas with people who are usually feeling a little impatient or high strung are not the place for me. If I’m ever going to tackle a sale, I always make sure I’m at the shops nice and early so I can find parking and avoid the crowds.

Spotilight (one of our major craft and hobby shops for anyone not in Australia) had an ammmmazing sale on a lot of items after Christmas, including a huge 40% off all fabric!

My fabric stash at home is pretty big right now, and I intend on sewing some things once I complete my third and final Harry Potter sampler cushion, so I knew I probably shouldn’t go look as I didn’t really need any new fabric.I avoided the sale for 3 days, and then 2 of my friends presented me with a Spotlight voucher for my birthday and Christmas, and I just thought, “can’t fight fate!” so I made my way down.

Let’s just say it was absolute heaven. My friends were very generous with their gift card, and I’m very grateful for their generosity. It basically meant I could pull all sorts of fabrics and get enough of each to create cushions or quilts – whatever my heart desires really!

Here are the fabrics I ended up with;


I obviously love the red orange and blue grey as it appears a couple of times in my pulls. I love every single one of these fabric combos .. and I’m feeling a little confused as to what do to with them! Cushions? Quilts? Something else?


I’m going to have a look at some patterns whilst I stitch this final Harry Potter cushion, and then get started on some sewing projects afterwards. And yes, you read that correctly. I am stitching another Harry Potter sampler cushion, like this one that I’ve done twice before. Lots of people adore this pattern and I can’t blame them – it’s wonderful. I will admit though, I’m looking forward to getting this final on finished so my eyes can see something else for awhile hehe

I’d love your thoughts of what I should do with these though – let me know what you think!


Tada! – Marauder’s Map Cross Stitch

It’s all finished! This framed cross stitch is to go with the most recent Harry Potter sampler cushion I completed, and is for a brand new baby boy. I love this cross stitch for young kids – they will no doubt get into some mischief as they grow and learn :)

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Cross Stitch

We used colours very similar of Ravenclaw’s in order to suit the blue and forest theme of the nursery, and I chose a wood grain frame in order to suit the theme also.

It was such a quick and fun one to stitch – only 2 weeks on and off in total, which is a very nice comparison to the sampler cross stitch!

You can find a link to the pattern here if you’d like to create your own – happy stitching!