Tada! – Marauder’s Map Cross Stitch

It’s all finished! This framed cross stitch is to go with the most recent Harry Potter sampler cushion I completed, and is for a brand new baby boy. I love this cross stitch for young kids – they will no doubt get into some mischief as they grow and learn :)

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Cross Stitch

We used colours very similar of Ravenclaw’s in order to suit the blue and forest theme of the nursery, and I chose a wood grain frame in order to suit the theme also.

It was such a quick and fun one to stitch – only 2 weeks on and off in total, which is a very nice comparison to the sampler cross stitch!

You can find a link to the pattern here if you’d like to create your own – happy stitching!



9 thoughts on “Tada! – Marauder’s Map Cross Stitch

  1. This is amazing. I love it. I’ve contemplated getting this pattern before but don’t have anyone to give it to. You’ve done such a great job on it I might just have to get it anyway!
    But do you mean ravenclaw?

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    • Anyone with a baby on the way, or young children? I think it’s perfect for toddlers – I can actually see the mischevious grin of our god daughter as I type this hehe .. it would suit youngsters I think!

      And yes, I do! Thank you for picking them up .. What an awkward Harry Potter rookie error to make haha!

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