New Fabrics .. What to Do?

I generally avoid the after Christmas sales at all costs – busy, crowded areas with people who are usually feeling a little impatient or high strung are not the place for me. If I’m ever going to tackle a sale, I always make sure I’m at the shops nice and early so I can find parking and avoid the crowds.

Spotilight (one of our major craft and hobby shops for anyone not in Australia) had an ammmmazing sale on a lot of items after Christmas, including a huge 40% off all fabric!

My fabric stash at home is pretty big right now, and I intend on sewing some things once I complete my third and final Harry Potter sampler cushion, so I knew I probably shouldn’t go look as I didn’t really need any new fabric.I avoided the sale for 3 days, and then 2 of my friends presented me with a Spotlight voucher for my birthday and Christmas, and I just thought, “can’t fight fate!” so I made my way down.

Let’s just say it was absolute heaven. My friends were very generous with their gift card, and I’m very grateful for their generosity. It basically meant I could pull all sorts of fabrics and get enough of each to create cushions or quilts – whatever my heart desires really!

Here are the fabrics I ended up with;


I obviously love the red orange and blue grey as it appears a couple of times in my pulls. I love every single one of these fabric combos .. and I’m feeling a little confused as to what do to with them! Cushions? Quilts? Something else?


I’m going to have a look at some patterns whilst I stitch this final Harry Potter cushion, and then get started on some sewing projects afterwards. And yes, you read that correctly. I am stitching another Harry Potter sampler cushion, like this one that I’ve done twice before. Lots of people adore this pattern and I can’t blame them – it’s wonderful. I will admit though, I’m looking forward to getting this final on finished so my eyes can see something else for awhile hehe

I’d love your thoughts of what I should do with these though – let me know what you think!



3 thoughts on “New Fabrics .. What to Do?

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