Kayla Itsines // BBG Round 2, Weeks 9-12

So I have officially completed 2 round of Kayla Itsines’ BBG 1.0 as of yesterday, and let me tell you, it feels pretty darn good!

I forgot that Weeks 9 to 12 starts to focus on particular body areas for each resistance, which was both awesome and SO hard!

Weeks 10 / 12 arms which is known for being one of the most challenging resistances throughout BBG 1.0 was honestly not any easier the second time round. I officially detest spider push ups haha!

I placed particular emphasis on my form over speed this round, and I can definitely tell it has made a huge difference. Ensuring that I engaged my core, contracted my abs, pushes through my heels has done the world of good for both my progress, and my pain after workouts. I’ve noticed this most in the ab worksouts – during my first round I would quite often get a lower sore back whilst doing the exercises. I think I was rushing, trying to get through the reps (partially because they hurt so bad!). This round, I slowed right down and made sure I was engaging my core before I started. If I felt my form going, I was take a few breaths and almost ‘reset’ to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly.

The #bbgvideo on Instagram opened my eyes to the fact I’ve been doing straight leg and bent leg jackknives wrong this whole time! In my first round and the first 9 weeks of this round, I would almost balance on my bottom whilst doing each of the jackknives. I happened to stumble across a video which explained how to correctly do the exercises, and it showed that your back should stay on the ground the whole time – I tried it during my next workout and wowee, what a difference it made!

If you’re just starting out and you’re on Instagram, I would highly recommend checking out that hash tag. Seeing other people do it is so helpful, especially when you’re first starting out. I’ve taken to videoing my form and posting them on Instagram if you’re interested in checking them out – I find videoing my own form to be really helpful, as it means I can see exactly how low (or not low hehe) that I get for my exercises.

I’ve started BBG 2.0 as of today, and can’t wait to get stuck into these new exercises! There’s an emphasis on weights in this guide, which I’m really looking forward to!

This is my progress from Week 1 to Week 24.

Week 1 vs Week 24 Progress

Week 1 vs Week 24 Progress

It might not seem all that different to some people, but to me there’s changes that go deeper than just physical changes. I’ve mentioned in all of my other posts, but I truly mean every word I say – the changes and progress from BBG go faaaar beyond physical; the mental changes that have happened to me over the last 24 weeks are just amazing, and I will forever be happy that I started BBG.

You can check out my other posts about BBG by clicking the link in the side bar >>>>>>>>>.



6 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Round 2, Weeks 9-12

  1. Congrats on finishing round 2! I will hopefully be starting that round next week (back allowing). Question for you: For the straight leg jackknives and similar exercises, I know I’m supposed to keep my lower back on the floor…but no matter how hard I try to, it pops up. I know that is probably related to core strength, which is still seriously lacking, but any tips to keeping better form?


    • Thank you Sara! How exciting – you’re so close now! :)

      When you say it pops up, do you mean you pop up onto your bottom or your back is still on the ground and your lower back sort of concaves? It’s a hard thing to explain hey haha!

      I think I know what you’re referring to if you mean that your back concaves a little bit – mine does this too and yep it’s related to core strength. The only way I’ve been able to combat this is to slow down my reps, really engage my core and ensure my back remains on the floor.

      I personally find it happens when I’ve done a number of reps and am starting to get fatigued, so I find ‘resetting’ my form by just taking a breather for a few breaths the best way to ensure I don’y injure my lower back.

      I hope that helps! x

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      • My lower back concaves…no matter how slow I go :-/ currently I try to go to the point the is starts concaving and then move my legs back up.
        And I actually finished over a week ago…but right at the end my back started acting up. So until I get that feeling better it’s LISS and exercises from physical therapy for me!


        • Oh no! Stopping at that tipping point is a good idea. Maybe you could focus on some lower back exercises in order to strengthen those muscles too?

          Well done chick! LISS and therapy sounds like a plan – best to listen to your body rather than overdo it and be out for months.

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  2. Congratulations on all your incredible, hard work – you certainly have all the results to prove it. You look so happy and fit! Good luck BBG 2.0 xx

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