50 Shades of Grey Cushion

My latest commission is inspired by the book,’ 50 Shades of Grey,’ – 2 best friends commissioned a cushion for their 3rd best friend who is an avid reader, and loves the writing style of 50 Shades of Grey.

I would’ve loved to have pulled 50 shades of grey to create a pattern, but unfortunately each of the fabric stores I visited had a very limited selection of greys, and due to the timeframe of this commission I was only able to pull 5 shades.

The room this cushion is going into is quite classic, so I played with the shades to create a destructed star pattern, just using HST’s. There is a green chair which features in her bedroom, so I pulled a green pattern fabric as the centre for the cushion – here’s what the top looks like.



I’m really happy with how the top turned out as it really pops in my opinion :)

I then added a border of the same green fabric to tie it into the chair, and tried to mitre the corners for the first time. I usually have blocks as the border for cushions, but thought I’d give it a go for this cushion and used this blog for instructions.  I’m sort of happy with how the corners turned out, but I’m going to practice a bit more before I try my hand at the next one.

The back of the cushion features an embroidered personal message and the birthday – we did the handwriting in a messier type, as all 3 ladies are teachers so it ties in with young kids handwriting :)

Awhile ago I posted about Spoonflower and custom fabric for having had tags made to sign my work. I’ve been really slack with adding these, as a large part of me felt like I shouldn’t for custom orders. After speaking to a few people though, I’ve realised that I should sign my work in some way – a lot of time and effort goes into these pieces! So I stitched my tag into the binding of this cushion, and I’m happy to say it’s discreet. I stitched it into the bottom, so you can’t really see it unless the cushion is sitting on it’s front. It likely won’t get seen much, but I feel a lot better having my tag on my work.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out! :)



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