Update – Yellow & Grey Baby Quilt + Cushion!

So remember when I showed you guys the gorgeous yellow & grey fabrics I had to work with for my latest commission?

This whole commission is just about finished – I only have the bunting to go :)

My client wanted a simple patchwork pattern for the quilt, so I cut 6.5″ blocks, 7 blocks across to create the middle of the quilt. On a side note, does anyone else think things look better in odd numbers? I’ve heard interior designers generally recommend decorations in odd numbers ……. Anywho.

I bordered the patchwork in the dark grey and used bright yellow fabric to make my own binding to really make the grey pop. I did a simple criss cross quilting pattern, as I thought the fabrics were busy enough as it was.

Yellow & Grey Patchwork Quilt

Here’s what the finished quilt looks like :)

Yellow & Grey Baby Quilt

I am really happy with how it turned out and I love the criss cross quilting effect. The backing is a light grey polka dot fabric that goes really well with the yellow binding, and due to the colour of fabric backing, the criss cross stands out even more which is lovely!

The cushion is also complete, and I had such a ball with this pattern. I was trawling Pinterest to find inspiration and found a pin that I’ve had saved for a long time; a strippy pillow tutorial. Check out Jera’s blog for the instructions on how to make your own.

Strippy Yellow & Grey Cushion

I’m super happy with how the cushion has turned out. When you run your hand over it I love the feel you get from the different strips of fabric. The backing is the bright yellow fabric with a concealed lapped zipper; the yellow backing really pops against the dark grey binding of the cushion.

So this little yellow and grey package for a new baby is just about finished – the bunting will be done shortly, and I’ll be taking some snaps for when all the items are finished and are assembled together. You’ll all be happy to know that I’ve added tags to each of these items ;)

Speaking of which – if you guys have any advice on how best to take photos of quilts, I’d really love to know. I struggle to take good photos of my items, and my goal is to set up my Etsy store this month … I feel like I need to nail good photos so any advice would be much appreciated!



10 thoughts on “Update – Yellow & Grey Baby Quilt + Cushion!

  1. I LOVE that quilt!! I am in the process of making a baby quilt at the moment, can I pick your brain? Do you ever find that when you are sewing the three layers together (ie top, batting and back) that the layers won’t stay lined up together? It seems to happen to me all the time and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…


    • Hi Tamara,

      Thank you – so do I! I’m wrapped with how it turned out, and I think my client is going to love it (which is the important thing!)

      Oh yes, I’ve definitely experienced this in the past. A couple of q’s;
      – Are you using a walking foot when you’re quilting?

      – Have you basted the quilt well, ie. did you use spray adhesive to baste, or lots of pins?

      I’m personally a pin baste kinda of gal, but I make sure I use LOTS. I used to find the movement in my fabric occurred due my ineffective basting – either my fabric wasn’t laid flat when I basted, causing ‘air bubbles’ whilst quilting which would cause the fabrics to shift and ripple, or I hadn’t basted using enough pins.

      I also noticed a huge change when I started using a walking foot to quilt. A walking foot effectively pulls all 3 layers through at the same time, to prevent fabric shift and give you better control whilst quilting. When I didn’t use a walking foot my top layer would also move through quicker than my bottom resulting in the fabric shift you might be experiencing. Another thing I find is ensuring my quilt is well supported whilst I quilt; don’t leave the bottom laying too far down your lap or on the floor whilst you quilt because the weight of the quilt can cause issues whilst you’re quilting – you’ll feel tension in the area you’re quilting if this is happening.

      If I notice this happening, I readjust the positioning of the quilt to make sure the excess is well supported.

      For me, it was just a practice thing and I read a lot of other people’s experiences to see if they had any advice.

      In all honestly, I think a tiny bit of fabric shift is normal, which is why we always cut our backing fabric and wadding large than our front.

      I’m not sure any of the above helped, although I hope it did! Either way persevere, and remember any ‘mistakes’ you make likely won’t be picked up by the person receiving your item, and I often think this is what makes an item handmade. Having said that, I always strive for perfection but us crafters like to set the bar really high for ourselves ;)

      Erin x

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  2. Gorgeous wee quilt and quilted nicely, hate it when a quilt you use on a baby or small childs bed is quilted to death and looks so cardboardy! This one remained nice and soft in looks, well done!


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