Care Instructions & Feedback Cards

A lot of us crafters either make items for commissions or to give as gifts, whether it be knitted, crocheted, quilted, sewn, or cross stitched wonderful things.

So I’m wondering … Do you give care instructions when you sell / gift things?

It’s something that has been on my mind lately, especially for commissions. Quite often I’m engaged by someone else to make an item as a present, so I don’t get to speak to or hear from the actual end user. When I sold my first quilt, I wrote a little hand written note just to say congratulations on their new addition, and to give them some simple care instructions for their quilt. I thought this was really important, as I wanted them to use their quilt and not be afraid of washing it, and I personally knew I would be a little afraid of washing it if I’d never owned a quilt before.

What I really wanted though, was some feedback from the client who engaged me to make the item. 95% of the time, my requests for commissions come through my Facebook page. Potential clients see my work and current projects on there, and I try and update it when I can without inundating people with things. As a teeny tiny small business, reviews are invaluable to me and my potential clients, so following up with people for reviews is always a high priority for me.

So, I decided to roll care instructions and requests for feedback into one postcard sized card that I now add to my items when they’re wrapped. It provides care instructions for quilts and cushions, and also asks people to leave feedback on my Facebook page if they would like to. I’d love to know what you think of them!


I had some new business cards made up in the same theme as the care instruction / feedback cards to add to my completed items when they’re gifted. My previous business cards didn’t actually say what Crosstitchery was all about (I know, so silly!) so I updated everything to have a small description of what I do; ‘custom quilts, cushions, cross stitches & decor,’ – I think that summarises Crosstitchery pretty well :)


8 thoughts on “Care Instructions & Feedback Cards

  1. This is a great idea. I think it will help people feel comfortable using their items – and the cards give a lovely touch to an exciting delivery!


    • Thanks Shelly! That is so true .. I too often hear, ‘I love my quilt but I don’t use it often because I’m scared I’ll damage it!’

      If they know how to take care of it, I feel like they’ll be more open with actually using it, rather than leaving it folded up in the cupboard or something :)


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