Baby Coco’s Nursery Painting

Mr A & I finished painting Coco’s nursery over the weekend and I’m delighted with how it turned out. Here’s the colours we ended up going with; Dulux – Grey Pail and British Paints – Kara Sea

It took us about 5 days on and off to paint the nursery – I’m sure we could’ve completed it quicker, but Mr A & I were painting after work so it took a little bit longer.

Navy Blue Feature Wall

Navy Blue Feature Wall

This is not the greatest photo, as we need to get a new light in the nursery but here you can see the navy blue feature wall.

I have some great memories whilst painting this room, including Mr A busting out to Taylor Swift whilst rolling, not realising I was standing at the door watching. These are all the kinds of moments that I record in our pregnancy journal, which perhaps Coco will one day read.

We placed the chair, the cot and the navy blue jute rug in the room and I had a quiet sit down in the chair once we had finished – it is so comfy! I can’t wait to cuddle Coco in there.

At the moment I feel the nursery lacks some personality, as it’s very gender neutral, but I figure it will be easy to add boy or girl prints / items in once Coco is here.

Navy Blue Nursery

Navy Blue Nursery


Here’s what the nursery looks like with furniture in it. I am so pleased with how the cot turned out. I’m putting together the dresser that will double as the change table at the moment. Some additional touches to go are to mount the curtain rail and add the curtains, and turn the chair into a rocking chair with an ottoman.

I have 1 more quilt order to go, and once that’s done I’ll be starting on some DIY’s for Coco’s room. I’m planning to make a baby mobile, a quilt, possibly some bunting, and I’m looking into some DIY shelves to hold books. I have to be careful not to add to much into the nursery too soon, as I’m sure once Coco is here I’ll want to add boy or girl things. For the moment, this is a great starting base and a cosy room for Coco to grow and be loved in.

I’ll be sure to take some more photos and post them once we are closer to Coco arriving, as by this stage some DIY’s and final touches will be complete, and we’ll also have a better light in the nursery!



Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch

FINALLY! My 3rd and final Harry Potter sampler cross stitch is finished!!!!

I am beyond excited to be done with this in all honesty.


I love cross stitching. I love the methodical nature of it, and of watching it appear before my eyes. I love that it takes patience to complete, and I love that it keeps me occupied whilst we watch a movie (because lately, I always fall asleep before the end of a movie and never get to see the finish!).

But stitching this 3 times has been a mammoth task. There’s SO many stitches in this pattern, and it’s so intricate..

But anyway, IT’S DONE! It’s been washed and ironed and I began sewing it into a cushion last night. I’ll be posting once this order is done as I love the colours my client requested.



Gender Neutral Nursery Colours

Mr A & I aren’t finding out the gender of our bundle of love, as we’d like to keep it a surprise until it’s game time! It doesn’t matter to us if we have a boy or a girl; a healthy, happy baby is all that’s on our mind after some health complications recently.

We’ve decided on our gender neutral nursery colours which are navy, light grey and white. Funnily enough, these were our wedding colours also! Here are the paint swatches so you can see the colours we’ll be painting.


I love these colours as they have great contrast between each other, and I don’t think they’ll date over time. It’ll be easy to add pops of colour depending on if Coco is a boy or a girl, and this is what we’re thinking for Coco’s nursery depending on what we end up having!






















Depending on the gender of Coco, we’ll be adding in pops of lime green or coral in the form of furnishings and perhaps wall decals.

Mr A & I bought paint on the weekend, so we’ll be starting our nursery makeover shortly and I can’t wait! We’ve already purchased an amazing nursing chair which we’re going to DIY into a rocking chair (there will definitely be a post about this!), and the curtain rail, curtain and dresser which will double as the change table. Things may be a little quiet around here as we undertake some DIY projects and I finish up my last Harry Potter cross stitch, but I’ll keep those of you following along with our projects updated on the progress.



Crosstitchery @ 19 Weeks

Nearly halfway! I can hardly believe it. Time is absolutely flying and it won’t be long until Coco is here in our arms, which is simply an amazing thought.

IMG_1277Here’s a little bump update of Coco & I at 19 weeks – this little bump has popped a bit and I’m loving it! I took this picture just before we headed to the anatomy scan, which is a detailed ultrasound of Coco’s major organs, plus limbs etc. The sonographer checks the lungs, brain, heart, arms, legs, fingers, toes, bladder, kidneys, eyes in major detail to ensure Coco is growing big and strong, and in accordance with the dates that the doctor has advised us of.

I’m very happy to report that Coco is growing beautifully; he or she is moving LOTS (which I absolutely love!), and moved a lot during the anatomy scan – it was quite amazing watching Coco moving on the screen, whilst feeling Coco move inside me. I can hardly wait until Mr A can feel Coco’s movements too, as for the time being, I can really only feel them on the inside.

I’ve been able to feel Coco’s movements a lot more frequently in the last 2 weeks now, and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s all become a little more ‘real’ as my bump has grown, I can feel our bundle of love moving, and Mr A and I can see Coco growing at a great rate.

I started a pregnancy journal at 18 weeks on the advice of a friend, and I’m so glad I did – I feel so close to Coco as I write down my thoughts and feelings. I went back all the way to the start of when we first found out about Coco (4 weeks!) and so many things have happened in that time; it’s nice to record my feelings and what’s happened as no doubt I’ll start to forget small points as time goes on.

DIY Cot Painting – Coco’s Crib

It’s been pretty quiet around here as I’ve been stitching away on my last Harry Potter sampler cross stitch, whilst starting work on Coco’s nursery!

The first project that I’ve completed is painting Coco’s cot / crib that was kindly given to us from a family member who no longer needs it. It’s a very sturdy cot that meets all Australian standards; the original colour was a brown timber. It would look great in a nursery, but didn’t suit our gender neutral colour scheme (more to come on that later!).

Original Cot Colour

Original Cot Colour

I decided to paint the cot white to suit our theme so got busy with planning paint types etc.

One of the first questions I asked myself was, ‘what will be the safest paint to use for children’s furniture?’ I originally thought water based, as I know Coco will likely end up chewing on the rail edges. After a fair bit of research, speaking with friends and family, and speaking with paint specialists, it turns out oil based was by far the paint that most people recommended; it is less likely to flake if chipped, which is definitely a plus in my book.

Lots of people online have painted their second hand cots so there’s heaps of instructions available, but just about every person’s blog or instruction that I read suggested sanding the cot first. I was amazed – no way was I going to sand this whole cot down!

Instead, I used the 3 in 1 primer & sealer I used for our DIY bar many moons ago; thankfully I still had about half a tin left and it was still in good knick. This meant rather than sanding the cot, I was able to just paint the primer & sealer onto the cot to provide a gritty surface for the final paint colour to adhere to. The other bonus of using this primer & sealer is only ONE coat is required – a definite time saver!


Painting the primer & sealer took about 2 days. I painted one side of all cot pieces first, allowed to dry, and then flipped and turned them to paint the other side. I used about 1L of primer & sealer for the first coat.

Once that dried, it was onto the first coat of paint colour. The paint specialist I spoke to advise a pure white oil based paint tends to yellow over time – Mr A and I plan on using the same cot for other kids (assuming we have them), so yellowed paint didn’t appeal to me.

I ended up picking Infinity White by British Paints as the cot colour; it basically looks white but is slightly tinted grey which should prevent the paint from yellowing over time. I painted the first coat in the same way; paint one side, let dry, and then flip and turn so all other sides / surfaces are painted.

It was quite hard to try and keep brush marks whilst painting with the oil based paint. I made sure to do long lines with the brush to prevent too many marks, but quite honestly, brush marks whilst painting with a brush are pretty inevitable really!

Each side took me about an hour, to an hour and a half to paint, so not too long really. The main thing was making sure I didn’t drip the paint on either side, which was actually quite hard. Mr A ended up sanding out a couple of spots for me once each side of the first coat was painted, as I’d accidentally dripped on one side by loading up the paint brush too much.

I painted a second coat on each side of the cot which really covered the brush marks. Here’s what the finished cot looks like!


Finished White Cot

I’m really happy with how the cot turned out; you can’t see any drip or brush marks on it and it will fit in perfectly with our nursery theme. A comparison of the original cot to white cot;

Completed DIY Cot Painting

Completed DIY Cot Painting

It was well worth the 6 hours it took to complete this project. If you have any questions on what I did, feel free to drop me a line! I’d be more than happy to help. And yes, for those of you with a keen eye, 1 rail in the mattress frame has been left the original pine colour, as there’s instructions on how to fit everything which I didn’t want to paint over in case we sell it or something.