Crosstitchery @ 19 Weeks

Nearly halfway! I can hardly believe it. Time is absolutely flying and it won’t be long until Coco is here in our arms, which is simply an amazing thought.

IMG_1277Here’s a little bump update of Coco & I at 19 weeks – this little bump has popped a bit and I’m loving it! I took this picture just before we headed to the anatomy scan, which is a detailed ultrasound of Coco’s major organs, plus limbs etc. The sonographer checks the lungs, brain, heart, arms, legs, fingers, toes, bladder, kidneys, eyes in major detail to ensure Coco is growing big and strong, and in accordance with the dates that the doctor has advised us of.

I’m very happy to report that Coco is growing beautifully; he or she is moving LOTS (which I absolutely love!), and moved a lot during the anatomy scan – it was quite amazing watching Coco moving on the screen, whilst feeling Coco move inside me. I can hardly wait until Mr A can feel Coco’s movements too, as for the time being, I can really only feel them on the inside.

I’ve been able to feel Coco’s movements a lot more frequently in the last 2 weeks now, and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s all become a little more ‘real’ as my bump has grown, I can feel our bundle of love moving, and Mr A and I can see Coco growing at a great rate.

I started a pregnancy journal at 18 weeks on the advice of a friend, and I’m so glad I did – I feel so close to Coco as I write down my thoughts and feelings. I went back all the way to the start of when we first found out about Coco (4 weeks!) and so many things have happened in that time; it’s nice to record my feelings and what’s happened as no doubt I’ll start to forget small points as time goes on.


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