Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch

FINALLY! My 3rd and final Harry Potter sampler cross stitch is finished!!!!

I am beyond excited to be done with this in all honesty.


I love cross stitching. I love the methodical nature of it, and of watching it appear before my eyes. I love that it takes patience to complete, and I love that it keeps me occupied whilst we watch a movie (because lately, I always fall asleep before the end of a movie and never get to see the finish!).

But stitching this 3 times has been a mammoth task. There’s SO many stitches in this pattern, and it’s so intricate..

But anyway, IT’S DONE! It’s been washed and ironed and I began sewing it into a cushion last night. I’ll be posting once this order is done as I love the colours my client requested.




4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch

  1. This looks fantastic! I plan to start the same piece later this year. I’ve only ever used a hoop – what did you use to stitch this? I’ve been looking at stretcher bars and frames but I haven’t seen one that looks like yours. Thanks!


    • Thank you! Oh you’ll love stitching it, just give yourself plenty of time. I used a q-snap frame; would highly recommend it! I think it was the 16″-17″ inch size I had to use as I stitched on 14 count aida for this. They seek qsnaps in most craft stores. Good luck, and have fun! X


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