Finito! – Irish Inspired Quilt

So this is my final completed commission before Coco arrives – an Irish inspired personalised quilt. My client sent an emblem they wanted to use as colour inspiration for the quilt; the colours were navy, light blue, white and grey. My client wanted to add a name, and 3 applique animals to the quilt to reflect the pets the family own.

She wanted a simple design, so we stuck with a straight forward checkerboard pattern with feature fabrics to reflect the animals. Boy themed feature fabrics were used for back of the animal applique. I stitched a rabbit, dog and cat :)

Animal Applique

I used Irish type lettering for James’ name, and I love how it turned out – the light blue really contrasts against the navy. The quilt was finished with white polka dot binding, and the backing was a simply grey star fabric. My client request that stars were added into the quilt somehow, so when I saw the grey flannel fabric I knew it would work perfectly. I stitch in the ditch quilted it to create the checkerboard pattern on the back of the quilt.

Here it is in all it’s glory!

The finish of this commission means I’m now able to start on some pieces for Coco! At this stage, I’ll definitely be sewing up a quilt and most likely a cushion, I just haven’t decided on the design yet .. The possibilities are endless!

I’d also love to try and make some shelves and a mobile for Coco’s room, so we’ll see how that goes – I’ll be sure to keep you updated!



50 Shades of Grey Cushion

My latest commission is inspired by the book,’ 50 Shades of Grey,’ – 2 best friends commissioned a cushion for their 3rd best friend who is an avid reader, and loves the writing style of 50 Shades of Grey.

I would’ve loved to have pulled 50 shades of grey to create a pattern, but unfortunately each of the fabric stores I visited had a very limited selection of greys, and due to the timeframe of this commission I was only able to pull 5 shades.

The room this cushion is going into is quite classic, so I played with the shades to create a destructed star pattern, just using HST’s. There is a green chair which features in her bedroom, so I pulled a green pattern fabric as the centre for the cushion – here’s what the top looks like.



I’m really happy with how the top turned out as it really pops in my opinion :)

I then added a border of the same green fabric to tie it into the chair, and tried to mitre the corners for the first time. I usually have blocks as the border for cushions, but thought I’d give it a go for this cushion and used this blog for instructions.  I’m sort of happy with how the corners turned out, but I’m going to practice a bit more before I try my hand at the next one.

The back of the cushion features an embroidered personal message and the birthday – we did the handwriting in a messier type, as all 3 ladies are teachers so it ties in with young kids handwriting :)

Awhile ago I posted about Spoonflower and custom fabric for having had tags made to sign my work. I’ve been really slack with adding these, as a large part of me felt like I shouldn’t for custom orders. After speaking to a few people though, I’ve realised that I should sign my work in some way – a lot of time and effort goes into these pieces! So I stitched my tag into the binding of this cushion, and I’m happy to say it’s discreet. I stitched it into the bottom, so you can’t really see it unless the cushion is sitting on it’s front. It likely won’t get seen much, but I feel a lot better having my tag on my work.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out! :)


Star Wars Cushion – Finito!

My latest commission is a Star Wars inspired cushion for a baby shower – the mother to be loves Star Wars, and her thoughtful girlfriends decided to have a cushion made specially for her and her new baby!

I had such fun making this one. I personally haven’t seen Star Wars, so I’m obviously not a huge fan, but I love people who are passionate about their interests, and I can’t help but get swept up in the wave of their excitement.

My clients decided to put, ‘The force is strong with this one,’ on the back as the personalisation, which so darn cute! No doubt the mother to be will love their thought and effort they put into this gift.

I chose to do a bit of a change of standard chevron with solid red, yellow and black. The surrounding fabric is licensed Star Wars fabric, and is really colorful (though you can’t see that in the photo).

The back is also licensed Star Wars fabric, and I appliqued the letters with red so they’d really pop against the black and white.

I’m really happy with how this one has turned out, and I hope the mother to be loves it too!

Erin x


Bunting Cushion – Finito!

I quickly just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who originally followed my blog for craft completions, and has instead seen my BBG / fitness posts lately. I really appreciate you staying with me. BBG has been life changing for me and I can’t help but share my recaps / progress / advice & tips – fitness is now as big a part of me as crafting is! Anywho, onto my latest completed commission!

Bunting Cushion Montage

Here’s my latest completed commission – a bunting cushion for a brand new baby girl! I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite commissions. My client requested pastel colours to match the nursery, and I adore the colours that I was able to pull.

IMG_0675I’ve always wanted to try a bunting cushion or quilt, and when my client asked for whimsical, I thought bunting would suit the theme.

I decided the 4 colours would be the bunting, so I started by creating a cardboard template. I followed the way I would usually make bunting (check this post here for instructions).

Bunting Cushion (3)Once the bunting was completed, I arranged them to look like a string of bunting, and as I wanted to leave the flags loose, I top stitched the top of the flags to the cushion top. I then overlayed ric rac, pinned, and then top stitched twice to ensure the ric rac was secured. This commission had an personalised applique for the cushion front, so I added stabliser and used a blanket stitch to applique the name to the cushion top.

I decided the back would be 2 lines of bunting, and completed this the same way as the front – top stitch the flags to the back, and then top stitch the ric rac over the top line.

I added a lapped zipper (instructions / advice here). As the front was a cream, you could see an outline where I had either 2 layers of fabric, or the stabliser behind the applique. I wasn’t happy with this finish, so I added another layer of white fabric behind it. I added this to the top with a 1/4″ seam. For the back I had to make sure I left a gap for the zip to pass through.

Bunting Cushion (1)

Double Layer Fabric – Gap for Zip to Pass Through

This was almost going to be the finish of the cushion, but I decided it needed more colour and thought adding binding would finish it perfectly. I made some binding out of the coral and turquoise fabrics, and it’s the perfect finish to this cushion I think.

I’d love to know your thought so on my latest commission. It’s been delivered to my client who loves it – I’m so happy to hear her feedback!


DIY Ruffle Cushions

Just wanted to share some photos of my latest completed commission; a personalised, applique cushion for a 4 week baby girl named Mia.

Cushion Front - Finished

Cushion Front – Finished

My client allowed me to play around with colours, and only requested that the design was girly. I think the double ruffle feature on the back gives it a girlish pop, and I just really love ruffles!

Cushion Back - Double Ruffle & Applique

Cushion Back – Double Ruffle & Applique

My client is collecting this cushion on the weekend, but I’ve shown her some photos and she loves it – that always makes me happy to hear! :)

She particularly loves the ruffles, just like me. Creating the ruffles was so much easier than I originally thought. I was actually inspired for the ruffles due to a little mishap I had with my sewing machine. I usually leave my sewing machine uncovered on my craft table. At some stage between finishing up my last sewing session and starting my new one, the tension had been dialed all the way up, so when I started to sew, my fabric pulled due to the high tension, thus creating a ruffle.

DIY Ruffles

This cushions is 16″ completed, so I cut my blue fabric at 4″ wide and 20″ long. The 20″ was to allow for the bunching that occurs whilst creating the ruffle. If I had of cut it at 16″ the final piece would’ve been too short due to the ruffle bunching up.

I then folded and pressed the raw side at about 1/4″, and then folded and pressed again so the raw edge was contained so as not to fray. I then top stitched each of these sides to hold the raw edges.

I drew a line down the middle of my strip of fabric, then dial my tension right up (to 9), and used a basting stitch length (5.0) on my machine, and my sewing machine basically did all the work. I made sure I didn’t back stitch at either end though, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to pull the thread to make it more or less ruffley.

Once I was happy with the amount of ruffle, I pinned it to my cushion back, changed my stitch length to 3 (normal for me), and returned my tension to normal, and then sewed down the basting stitch. With this run, I did back stitch at either end.

I was thinking of making a little photo tutorial of this, in case you’re reading along but you’re more of a visual leaner like I am. If you’d like that, let me know and I’ll take photos as I go along for my next cushions that I stitch a ruffle on. I won’t post it if my written directions above are easy enough to understand!