Orders & Pricing

If you’re interested in ordering a handcrafted goodie for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place!

I offer custom handcrafted pieces, whether quilts, cross stitches, or home decor.

As a buyer of such things myself, I sometimes find it quite daunting contacting someone to enquire about an order, so I promise I’m nice, approachable and super happy to help you with any questions that you might have! I’m able to work with you for colour scheme, personal additions such as embroidered names or dates, size, and budget.

I’ve created an indicative price list to help with the enquiry process. Crosstitchery is my creative outlet – making special and unique things for others is what I love the most, so if you’re interested in ordering but my prices are a little out of your range, please contact me via my Contact page as I’d be happy to work something out. I can’t stress enough that I am more than willing to work with you to ensure you’re able to give yourself or a special someone something that is lovingly crafted, unique and special.

Crosstitchery Price List

Browse my Quilts, Needlework & Home Decor pages for some snapshots of work I’ve previously completed – here’s just a few examples below!


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