Finito! – Irish Inspired Quilt

So this is my final completed commission before Coco arrives – an Irish inspired personalised quilt. My client sent an emblem they wanted to use as colour inspiration for the quilt; the colours were navy, light blue, white and grey. My client wanted to add a name, and 3 applique animals to the quilt to reflect the pets the family own.

She wanted a simple design, so we stuck with a straight forward checkerboard pattern with feature fabrics to reflect the animals. Boy themed feature fabrics were used for back of the animal applique. I stitched a rabbit, dog and cat :)

Animal Applique

I used Irish type lettering for James’ name, and I love how it turned out – the light blue really contrasts against the navy. The quilt was finished with white polka dot binding, and the backing was a simply grey star fabric. My client request that stars were added into the quilt somehow, so when I saw the grey flannel fabric I knew it would work perfectly. I stitch in the ditch quilted it to create the checkerboard pattern on the back of the quilt.

Here it is in all it’s glory!

The finish of this commission means I’m now able to start on some pieces for Coco! At this stage, I’ll definitely be sewing up a quilt and most likely a cushion, I just haven’t decided on the design yet .. The possibilities are endless!

I’d also love to try and make some shelves and a mobile for Coco’s room, so we’ll see how that goes – I’ll be sure to keep you updated!



Baby Coco’s Nursery Painting

Mr A & I finished painting Coco’s nursery over the weekend and I’m delighted with how it turned out. Here’s the colours we ended up going with; Dulux – Grey Pail and British Paints – Kara Sea

It took us about 5 days on and off to paint the nursery – I’m sure we could’ve completed it quicker, but Mr A & I were painting after work so it took a little bit longer.

Navy Blue Feature Wall

Navy Blue Feature Wall

This is not the greatest photo, as we need to get a new light in the nursery but here you can see the navy blue feature wall.

I have some great memories whilst painting this room, including Mr A busting out to Taylor Swift whilst rolling, not realising I was standing at the door watching. These are all the kinds of moments that I record in our pregnancy journal, which perhaps Coco will one day read.

We placed the chair, the cot and the navy blue jute rug in the room and I had a quiet sit down in the chair once we had finished – it is so comfy! I can’t wait to cuddle Coco in there.

At the moment I feel the nursery lacks some personality, as it’s very gender neutral, but I figure it will be easy to add boy or girl prints / items in once Coco is here.

Navy Blue Nursery

Navy Blue Nursery


Here’s what the nursery looks like with furniture in it. I am so pleased with how the cot turned out. I’m putting together the dresser that will double as the change table at the moment. Some additional touches to go are to mount the curtain rail and add the curtains, and turn the chair into a rocking chair with an ottoman.

I have 1 more quilt order to go, and once that’s done I’ll be starting on some DIY’s for Coco’s room. I’m planning to make a baby mobile, a quilt, possibly some bunting, and I’m looking into some DIY shelves to hold books. I have to be careful not to add to much into the nursery too soon, as I’m sure once Coco is here I’ll want to add boy or girl things. For the moment, this is a great starting base and a cosy room for Coco to grow and be loved in.

I’ll be sure to take some more photos and post them once we are closer to Coco arriving, as by this stage some DIY’s and final touches will be complete, and we’ll also have a better light in the nursery!


Finito! – Yellow & Grey Nursery Decor

Yellow & Grey Nursery Decor

As promised, a completed picture of all the elements for my latest commission to suit a yellow & grey, gender neutral nursery.

This commission contained  a cot quilt, with a cushion and some bunting to match.

I am SO pleased with how this all turned out! I love the fabrics and the colours.

And in exciting news, it turns out baby has come 2 weeks early and it’s a girl! :)

Update – Yellow & Grey Baby Quilt + Cushion!

So remember when I showed you guys the gorgeous yellow & grey fabrics I had to work with for my latest commission?

This whole commission is just about finished – I only have the bunting to go :)

My client wanted a simple patchwork pattern for the quilt, so I cut 6.5″ blocks, 7 blocks across to create the middle of the quilt. On a side note, does anyone else think things look better in odd numbers? I’ve heard interior designers generally recommend decorations in odd numbers ……. Anywho.

I bordered the patchwork in the dark grey and used bright yellow fabric to make my own binding to really make the grey pop. I did a simple criss cross quilting pattern, as I thought the fabrics were busy enough as it was.

Yellow & Grey Patchwork Quilt

Here’s what the finished quilt looks like :)

Yellow & Grey Baby Quilt

I am really happy with how it turned out and I love the criss cross quilting effect. The backing is a light grey polka dot fabric that goes really well with the yellow binding, and due to the colour of fabric backing, the criss cross stands out even more which is lovely!

The cushion is also complete, and I had such a ball with this pattern. I was trawling Pinterest to find inspiration and found a pin that I’ve had saved for a long time; a strippy pillow tutorial. Check out Jera’s blog for the instructions on how to make your own.

Strippy Yellow & Grey Cushion

I’m super happy with how the cushion has turned out. When you run your hand over it I love the feel you get from the different strips of fabric. The backing is the bright yellow fabric with a concealed lapped zipper; the yellow backing really pops against the dark grey binding of the cushion.

So this little yellow and grey package for a new baby is just about finished – the bunting will be done shortly, and I’ll be taking some snaps for when all the items are finished and are assembled together. You’ll all be happy to know that I’ve added tags to each of these items ;)

Speaking of which – if you guys have any advice on how best to take photos of quilts, I’d really love to know. I struggle to take good photos of my items, and my goal is to set up my Etsy store this month … I feel like I need to nail good photos so any advice would be much appreciated!


Yellow & Grey Baby Quilt

So my next commission is for a yellow & grey themed baby quilt!


Here’s the fabrics I’ve pulled for this commission – I’m getting started tonight so prepare for updates shortly. I’m really happy with how these fabrics turned out; I had to visit 4 different fabric shops in order for find just the ‘right’ shades of grey and yellow.

This commission is for a little package to really themed out the nursery; cot size quilt, cushion, and bunting to match. I can’t wait to show you guys once progress has been made! :)