Star Wars Cushion – Finito!

My latest commission is a Star Wars inspired cushion for a baby shower – the mother to be loves Star Wars, and her thoughtful girlfriends decided to have a cushion made specially for her and her new baby!

I had such fun making this one. I personally haven’t seen Star Wars, so I’m obviously not a huge fan, but I love people who are passionate about their interests, and I can’t help but get swept up in the wave of their excitement.

My clients decided to put, ‘The force is strong with this one,’ on the back as the personalisation, which so darn cute! No doubt the mother to be will love their thought and effort they put into this gift.

I chose to do a bit of a change of standard chevron with solid red, yellow and black. The surrounding fabric is licensed Star Wars fabric, and is really colorful (though you can’t see that in the photo).

The back is also licensed Star Wars fabric, and I appliqued the letters with red so they’d really pop against the black and white.

I’m really happy with how this one has turned out, and I hope the mother to be loves it too!

Erin x



Baby Oscar

Oscar's Baby QuiltI don’t often get to see my works in action, but baby Oscar’s quilt was made for a family member, who was kind enough to send some photos through.

I wanted to share one with you, partially because Oscar’s overalls are so darn cute, and partially because it makes me smile .. So I hope this makes you smile too!

Oscar looks so tiny on his quilt here, but can you believe, he is actually a 10 pound baby!

Baby Boy Quilt Top – Beginner Applique

Oscar Quilt - Quilt DesignMy latest commission project is a baby boy quilt for a bub due in Feb 15′ –  his name is Oscar! The soon to be mum had a very specific design in mind to match Oscar’s nursery, which is jungle themed. She requested bright blues, oranges and greens, with some kind of contrast in there. Her inspiration was a Lamaze toy. She also wanted animals and Oscar’s name appliqued onto the quilt, which was really daunting for me! Awhile ago I mentioned I wanted to applique and I asked for some advice. Most people said to practice over and over, and take it really slow. More on the applique part to come shortly.

I bought 7 different fabrics for this quilt;

  • Mid blue – solid
  • Various blue – pattern
  • Bright orange – solid
  • Various orange – pattern
  • Light green
  • B&W chevron
  • Off white polka dot

Once I started laying out the fabric, I had quite a few change of hearts regarding the layout of the top RHS block – the B&W chevron fabric was so much more of a contrast than I originally expected.

Layout of Oscar's quilt - pre piecing aside from the chevron and pinwheel block

Layout of Oscar’s quilt – pre piecing aside from the chevron and pinwheel block

I decided on keeping the chevron in the end though, and this is a progress shot of the quilt layout. The bottom right polka dot rectangle would have Oscar’s name, and the top left and diagonal rectangle would have 2 animals appliqued.

I practiced applique on different fabrics before I attempted this. Thank goodness for my new sewing machine, and it’s speed control and blanket stitch – it saved my sanity here! Here’s some shot of the applique once completed. I used stabiliser on the back as recommended whilst I was reading up on applique, and I attached the fabric to each layer with fusible web. Slow and steady was definitely the way here. I completed Oscar’s name first, and the ‘O’ took me about an hour! Surprisingly I found that corners were actually much harder for me than curves. I thought it would be the other way around, and was really dreading the ‘O’ but that letter was actually okay. The ‘R’ was actually the hardest letter!


The giraffe was also a little difficult with it’s different components. I read up on layering applique, and studied the giraffe a lot to ensure I wouldn’t end up unnecessary bulk on the layers, and it worked out really well I think.

Oscar Quilt - Completed Quilt TopThis is the quilt top all assembled and pressed. I’m SUPER happy with the way it has turned out, and I think I’ve met my customer’s brief. The applique which really daunted me to begin with seems a lot more accomplishable now, and I’m pretty excited to have nearly completed my first applique project!

I’ll be straight line quilting in the blank rectangles with different coloured thread, and I’ll be sure to post a picture of this quilt once it’s all done.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this quilt .. Please consider leaving a comment with any thoughts you have, and Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s to a safe and creative 2015 for everyone xxx

Quilted Cushions

Last week I was involved in a random act of kindness. To start with though, I need to give you a bit of a back story as to why this act is so amazing, and so out of the blue (pun intended, don’t worry, you’ll get it in a minute).

I live in Perth, Australia and in the scheme of the blogging world, it’s a pretty tiny place. So being contacted by a reader of my blog, who lives in Perth also, was already pretty cool and crazy.

BUT, this reader, whose name is Jenny contacted me to donate her craft supplies to me, because she no longer uses them.

As you might be able to imagine, upon reading this e-mail I was pretty delighted, and then totally blown away. I honestly don’t know how many people who be willing to contact a complete stranger (basically), and offer to donate them supplies .. I mean, that is pretty frickin’ cool!

Mr A collect the supplies for me, and Jenny donated me some great quality stuff. In order to say thank you, I quilted some cushions for her. I’m planning to drop these off this week .. So Jenny, if you’re reading, act surprised please!

Quilted Cushions (2)

This is the first time I’ve ever quilted or sewed a cushion before. I used a basic envelope cushion tutorial, and just adapted some of the measurements. The top of my cushion is 9 5″ charm cuts, from a Moda series. They’re blue hues (get the pun now?!), and I’ve used a simple chevron fabric for the back .. Because we all know how much I love chevron!

Quilted Cushions (1)

My cushion inserts were size 14, which is 36cm x 36m, which is 14″ x 14″. I added a grey border to the sides of my cushion quilt top in order to meet the dimensions of the tutorial.

Quilted Cushions (3)

These were simple to whip up, and quite effective .. I think I’ll add them to my gift list from now on!

I hope Jenny likes them. I really wanted to thank her for being such a generous person.


Finito! – Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

So if you follow my Instagram, you’d know I’m a couple of days late on this post – apologies! Anywho, I recently finished my second custom order which was for a gender neutral baby quilt.

As it turns out, creating a gender neutral baby quilt is kinda hard. So many fabrics out there are either inappropriate (florals for a gender neutral baby quilt just don’t sit quite right for me, ya know?), or the tones seem to swing towards boy or girl.

I witnessed an amazing double rainbow when I was seeking some inspiration, and I thought a rainbow was definitely gender neutral. If you’re a reader of my blog, you’d also know that I LOVE chevron. Like a lot. Not a little. A Whole. Dam. Lot. So … rainbow chevron it was!

Chevron Baby Quilt

Here’s the final piece .. Happy! (I have that Pharrell Williams song running through my head right now !!)

I had a lot of difficulty with this quilt if I’m honest .. A multitude of errors / happenings occurred which made me really thankful to complete this one without tearing my hair out. For instance, a mixture of new walking foot, first time quilting with 2 fabric types – cotton & flannel, wrong bobbins for machine, and lack of thread meant this quilt really tugged on my frustration strings.

The back is plain white flannel, because I originally intend on quilting this using matching rainbow thread on the back. The bobbin issue, as well as the different fabrics and me being new to using a walking foot meant I couldn’t get my stitch tension right, and the bottom coloured thread kept pulling through onto my quilt top, which was not a good look. So after perservering for 3 days, I threw in the towel (yep, I’m slightly ashamed to admit it) .. But seriously, unpicking the same row of thread countless time is hard on my heart, and hard on my fabric.

So the quilt back and top ended up being stitch with white thread only. I don’t mind the effect. You can definitely still see the chevron pattern on the quilt back.

I finished this quilt off with multi coloured binding, which really works on the plain white back. All in all, even though there was a lot of unpicking for this quilt, I’m really happy with it.


I’ve shown a photo to my girlfriend who ordered this quilt, and she loves it .. So happy happy happy!!


I’ve now moved onto my next home / craft project which I am VERY excited about .. DIY bar / coffee station coming up!