Sew / No Sew DIY Cloth Wipes

Baby Coco is growing beautifully, and Mr A and I are loving the bumps, kicks and somersaults we both feel. I’ve been plodding away at a few DIY things in the background these last few weeks which has been great.

The first DIY I’ve completed is some cloth wipes for Coco, as we’ve decided we will be using cloth nappies. I figured if we were going to use cloth nappies, we may as well use reusable cloth wipes as well in order to decrease our waste, and because they’re far cheaper than disposable wipes in the long run!

You can buy cloth wipes from various online stores, but they can be quite pricey and I figured making our own would be just as easy.

I researched different material to use and settled on flannelette, as many people mentioned they were soft but grippy enough to do their job. Our local craft store had flannel for half price when I went so it was perfect timing! I didn’t realise this at the time, but turns out I am quite fond of foxes! Here’s the fabric I chose;

Fox Fabric


Here’s a little tutorial to get you started if you’d like to make your own. I did up a list of materials for those with sewing experience / equipment, and those without, because these can definitely be made sewn or raw. In each of these methods I recommend cutting squares to be 8″ x 8″ as this is a great size for hands, faces and bottoms and will fit into wipes containers.

No Sew DIY Cloth Wipes


  • 1m flannel (1 yard)
  • Pinking Shears
  • Long Ruler – I use one like this for my quilting
  • Rotary Cutter (optional) – I highly recommend a rotary cutter, but you could use scissors though take care to cut straight
  • Self Healing Mat (optional) – I also highly recommend a self healing mat so cut on, but you could use a different surface if required


  1. Pre wash your flannel to ensure the fabric has shrunk before you start cutting the wipes up, as flannel will shrink when washed (particularly hot washed, which will likely be done considering these are baby wipes after all! :) You can check out my tutorial here if you need help with pre washing.
  2. Line up selvage of fabric and cut strips to 8″ high using ruler + rotary cutter.
  3. Stack rows of fabric and cut to 8″ wide using ruler + rotary cutter. If you’re not confident cutting stacks of fabric, you can cut the rows individually – this will just take a little more time. The end result will be 8″ x 8″ squares with straight edges.
  4. Cut squares with pinking shears around the edge of the fabric to create a finished edge, which is less likely to fray. If you feel comfortable, you can stack squares together and cut together also.

This method won’t prevent fraying, it will just minimise it so you will end up needing to replace the wipes as you use them. The benefit of this method is that it’s quick, easy, and just about anyone can do this without needing too many materials.

Sew DIY Cloth Wipes

I used this method for making our cloth wipes, and also chose to do double sided wipes as I love the pretty fox fabric I picked! You could sew your wipes and just overlock the edges if you like – it’s completely up to you.


  1. 1m flannel (1 yard)
  2. Sewing Machine
  3. Rotary Cutter
  4. Self Healing Mat
  5. Coordinating thread


  1. Follow steps 1 – 3 of the No Sew DIY Cloth Instructions above ^^ BUT keep in mind once sewn, the wipes will be 7.5 x 7.5″ so cut at 8.5″ x 8.5″if you want them to be 8″ x 8″.
  2. Sew wipes with right sides of fabric together using 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave a small opening on one side.
  3. Snip corners (optional).
  4. Turn wipe sides out.
  5. Iron wipes (optional). If you chose to do this, take care at the small opening to turn the small opening in 1/4″ inch, to match what you’ve already stitched.
  6. Top stitch the whole way around the wipes to close the opening. I top stitched at 1/4″ but you could do it at 1/8″ if you like the top stitch to be closer to the edge.

This method gave me 12 double sided cloth wipes from 1m of fabric. I would’ve gotten just over double this amount if I kept the wipes single sided, but 1m of flannel on sale only cost me $5 so I wasn’t too bothered.

So out of 3m of flannel I sewed 36 double sided cloth wipes in total. At first I thought this would be enough, but I have a feeling it won’t be and I’d rather make them up now whilst I have the time, so I’m heading back to our craft shop to buy some more flannel! I may even try one side with terry just to make some that are a little ‘grippier’ than just flannel on flannel.

Finished Products

I’m really happy with how they turned out and how soft they are. The felt balls you see above are for another DIY project I’m working on for Coco – stay tuned :)


Taggie Blankets + Baby Shower Cushions

So I couldn’t help myself; rather than working on items for Coco I’ve made some taggie blankets and cushions for girlfriends who have babies on the immediate horizon, and had baby showers over the last 2 weekends.

I haven’t worked with minky before but I was super keen to give it a whirl. I’ve heard it’s a very slipper fabric to work with which is why I haven’t tried using it as a backing for a quilt yet, and my gosh, minky really does like to slip and side everywhere!

It’s also the first time I’ve made taggie blankets and it was such a fun process. I used Cassie’s tutorial (find it here) to step through it, but it’s a pretty easy process really. I made mine 8 x 8″ so it’s really a travel type taggie blankey.

The first cushion I made was a bunting cushion with an applique on the front, along with a coordinating taggie blanket. This cushion is for a baby girl, and I used  a very cute pastel based animal fabric for the bunting flags, back of cushion and back of the taggie blanket. The applique and binding was done in a very light, sweet green.

The second cushion and taggie blanket I made couldn’t be more opposite! This is for a boy whose parents love anything Star Wars / superhero / Pokemon related. I was able to utilise various Star Wars fabrics that I had in my stash from completing this cushion, and used a disappearing 9 patch quilt block to create the final look. I’m really pleased with how this turned out, as I personally love the punches of red and yellow throughout the top.

I’m excited to give the Star War cushion and taggie blanket to my girlfriend this weekend – I can’t wait until she opens it, because I have a feeling she’s going to be over the moon!

Now that I’ve got these out of my system, I’m moving onto items for Coco including a gender neutral baby mobile, and of course, a quilt and cushion for Coco! I’ll be cross stitching an adorable fox pattern which I’m going to sew into Coco’s cushion. I’m thinking of using a jelly roll for Coco’s quilt so I’m in the process of finding some jelly roll quilt tutorial inspiration, as I haven’t used one before!

I’m really looking forward to making some handmade items for our bundle of love.




Finito! – Irish Inspired Quilt

So this is my final completed commission before Coco arrives – an Irish inspired personalised quilt. My client sent an emblem they wanted to use as colour inspiration for the quilt; the colours were navy, light blue, white and grey. My client wanted to add a name, and 3 applique animals to the quilt to reflect the pets the family own.

She wanted a simple design, so we stuck with a straight forward checkerboard pattern with feature fabrics to reflect the animals. Boy themed feature fabrics were used for back of the animal applique. I stitched a rabbit, dog and cat :)

Animal Applique

I used Irish type lettering for James’ name, and I love how it turned out – the light blue really contrasts against the navy. The quilt was finished with white polka dot binding, and the backing was a simply grey star fabric. My client request that stars were added into the quilt somehow, so when I saw the grey flannel fabric I knew it would work perfectly. I stitch in the ditch quilted it to create the checkerboard pattern on the back of the quilt.

Here it is in all it’s glory!

The finish of this commission means I’m now able to start on some pieces for Coco! At this stage, I’ll definitely be sewing up a quilt and most likely a cushion, I just haven’t decided on the design yet .. The possibilities are endless!

I’d also love to try and make some shelves and a mobile for Coco’s room, so we’ll see how that goes – I’ll be sure to keep you updated!


Tada! – Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch

I did it. I finally finished my 3rd and final Harry Potter sample cross stitch / cushion!

Not going to lie, I did a MASSIVE happy dance when this commission was all done .. It’s been a hard slog for these! There are SO many stitches, so many colour changes, and so much detail that it takes me weeks and weeks to stitch these.

Don’t get me wrong, the end result is always, always worth it. Just as seeing my client’s face when they receive their cushion is worth it. Here’s the final one I completed.

Aubergine surrounds for the cushion along with turquoise binding, and a simply lapped zipper back. I added a floral decorative stitch to the back of the cushion just as a lil’ something.

This was completed a couple of weeks ago, we’ve just been busy over the last few weeks and I haven’t had time to post anything.

Harry Potter Sampler Cushion

Harry Potter Sampler Cushion

Baby Coco’s Nursery Painting

Mr A & I finished painting Coco’s nursery over the weekend and I’m delighted with how it turned out. Here’s the colours we ended up going with; Dulux – Grey Pail and British Paints – Kara Sea

It took us about 5 days on and off to paint the nursery – I’m sure we could’ve completed it quicker, but Mr A & I were painting after work so it took a little bit longer.

Navy Blue Feature Wall

Navy Blue Feature Wall

This is not the greatest photo, as we need to get a new light in the nursery but here you can see the navy blue feature wall.

I have some great memories whilst painting this room, including Mr A busting out to Taylor Swift whilst rolling, not realising I was standing at the door watching. These are all the kinds of moments that I record in our pregnancy journal, which perhaps Coco will one day read.

We placed the chair, the cot and the navy blue jute rug in the room and I had a quiet sit down in the chair once we had finished – it is so comfy! I can’t wait to cuddle Coco in there.

At the moment I feel the nursery lacks some personality, as it’s very gender neutral, but I figure it will be easy to add boy or girl prints / items in once Coco is here.

Navy Blue Nursery

Navy Blue Nursery


Here’s what the nursery looks like with furniture in it. I am so pleased with how the cot turned out. I’m putting together the dresser that will double as the change table at the moment. Some additional touches to go are to mount the curtain rail and add the curtains, and turn the chair into a rocking chair with an ottoman.

I have 1 more quilt order to go, and once that’s done I’ll be starting on some DIY’s for Coco’s room. I’m planning to make a baby mobile, a quilt, possibly some bunting, and I’m looking into some DIY shelves to hold books. I have to be careful not to add to much into the nursery too soon, as I’m sure once Coco is here I’ll want to add boy or girl things. For the moment, this is a great starting base and a cosy room for Coco to grow and be loved in.

I’ll be sure to take some more photos and post them once we are closer to Coco arriving, as by this stage some DIY’s and final touches will be complete, and we’ll also have a better light in the nursery!