Finito! – Fox Cross Stitch Cushion

Just a little update on the fox cross stitch I finished for Coco the other week. Here it is in all it’s glory in Coco’s nursery :)

I backed the cushion with a metallic grey chevron fabric to match the grey walls, and grey nursing chair of Coco’s room. I also bound the cushion with a grey floral fabric, and I absolutely love how it turned out. The final cushion dimensions was 15″ x 15″, and I added a 16″ cushion insert just to give the cushion a little roundness.

I always buy my inserts 1 size bigger than the final size to make sure the cushion has  a bit of firmness, as I personally find this a lot more comfortable than a cushion which has a lot of space in it still.

It’s only 3 weeks until Coco’s due date is upon us, and it spins me out to think he or she will be here with us so soon – we can’t wait for our bundle of love to be in our arms!



& a Sweet Baby Fox Cross Stitch ..

I finished Coco’s cross stitch over the weekend and will stitch this into a cushion for the nursery. Somehow foxes have been a recurring theme in what we’ve chosen for the nursery, and I found this pattern so sweet I couldn’t pass it up.

Fox Cross Stitch


If you’re interested in the pattern, you can find it here. I’ve been stitching it on and off over the last 4 weeks and love how it has turned out. I’m planning on bordering it in navy fabric to suit the navy feature wall, and found some lovely grey metallic chevron fabric to back it with.

Looking forward to showing you the finished result.



Tada! – Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch

I did it. I finally finished my 3rd and final Harry Potter sample cross stitch / cushion!

Not going to lie, I did a MASSIVE happy dance when this commission was all done .. It’s been a hard slog for these! There are SO many stitches, so many colour changes, and so much detail that it takes me weeks and weeks to stitch these.

Don’t get me wrong, the end result is always, always worth it. Just as seeing my client’s face when they receive their cushion is worth it. Here’s the final one I completed.

Aubergine surrounds for the cushion along with turquoise binding, and a simply lapped zipper back. I added a floral decorative stitch to the back of the cushion just as a lil’ something.

This was completed a couple of weeks ago, we’ve just been busy over the last few weeks and I haven’t had time to post anything.

Harry Potter Sampler Cushion

Harry Potter Sampler Cushion

Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch

FINALLY! My 3rd and final Harry Potter sampler cross stitch is finished!!!!

I am beyond excited to be done with this in all honesty.


I love cross stitching. I love the methodical nature of it, and of watching it appear before my eyes. I love that it takes patience to complete, and I love that it keeps me occupied whilst we watch a movie (because lately, I always fall asleep before the end of a movie and never get to see the finish!).

But stitching this 3 times has been a mammoth task. There’s SO many stitches in this pattern, and it’s so intricate..

But anyway, IT’S DONE! It’s been washed and ironed and I began sewing it into a cushion last night. I’ll be posting once this order is done as I love the colours my client requested.



50 Shades of Grey Cushion

My latest commission is inspired by the book,’ 50 Shades of Grey,’ – 2 best friends commissioned a cushion for their 3rd best friend who is an avid reader, and loves the writing style of 50 Shades of Grey.

I would’ve loved to have pulled 50 shades of grey to create a pattern, but unfortunately each of the fabric stores I visited had a very limited selection of greys, and due to the timeframe of this commission I was only able to pull 5 shades.

The room this cushion is going into is quite classic, so I played with the shades to create a destructed star pattern, just using HST’s. There is a green chair which features in her bedroom, so I pulled a green pattern fabric as the centre for the cushion – here’s what the top looks like.



I’m really happy with how the top turned out as it really pops in my opinion :)

I then added a border of the same green fabric to tie it into the chair, and tried to mitre the corners for the first time. I usually have blocks as the border for cushions, but thought I’d give it a go for this cushion and used this blog for instructions.  I’m sort of happy with how the corners turned out, but I’m going to practice a bit more before I try my hand at the next one.

The back of the cushion features an embroidered personal message and the birthday – we did the handwriting in a messier type, as all 3 ladies are teachers so it ties in with young kids handwriting :)

Awhile ago I posted about Spoonflower and custom fabric for having had tags made to sign my work. I’ve been really slack with adding these, as a large part of me felt like I shouldn’t for custom orders. After speaking to a few people though, I’ve realised that I should sign my work in some way – a lot of time and effort goes into these pieces! So I stitched my tag into the binding of this cushion, and I’m happy to say it’s discreet. I stitched it into the bottom, so you can’t really see it unless the cushion is sitting on it’s front. It likely won’t get seen much, but I feel a lot better having my tag on my work.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out! :)