DIY Felt Flower #2

A few months ago I posted a tutorial for a DIY felt flower canvas tutorial.

My latest commission was for one of these, and my client wanted a purple / black & white theme.

DIY Felt Flower Canvas

I absolutely adore the black and white paisley inspired fabric used as the background fabric.

I used a mixture of the original tutorial, and my own tutorial as the basis of making this.

It’s such a fun, relatively easy project requiring only a few supplies, and most importantly, cost effective way of adding some personality to your walls.

Even better, if you use temporary sticky hooks, you can spruce up a space and then easily take it down .. Bonus for anyone renting a house, or at university of college.

I’d love to see yours if you end up making one!



My Other Love ..

.. Heart Cushion!Love Heart Cushion Cover

 This baby is the second in my previous post of love heart cushions.

I used the same fabrics, but in a different design to tie the 2 cushions together. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

Originally the border was full strips of light and dark pink, but I decided to add the Paris fabric corners to feature this fabric a little more, as the back of this cushion is green. I particularly love the red rose in the top left hand corner :)


Here’s what the cushions look like together. I hope their new owner, Olivia, loves them!

Front of Love Heart Cushions


Back of Love Heart Cushions


& a Love Heart Cushion (or Two)

My latest commission is for x2) floral, vintage cushions. My client Jess requested a love heart front, having seeing the cushions I made for my little sisters.

Jess requested these for her friend Olivia, who will be submitting her PhD shortly. That’s a pretty amazing milestone in one’s life, so I personally think that Jess is a champ for being so thoughtful and having something specially created for Olivia’s special time.

With floral and vintage in mind, I pulled some fabrics and use this as my inspiration. I LOVE this fabric. Paris holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first stops on Mr A & I’s honeymoon last year.

Paris Fabric

I turns out Olivia’s favourite place is Paris too, so this fabric really is perfect! Jess originally requested that, ‘Dr Olivia,’ be embroidered on the back of one of the cushions. After speaking with Jess, I decided to applique this as I think it gives a better finish.

I designed the front of one cushion to look like an angled love heart, with emphasis on the Paris fabric.

Love Heart Design

This is a progress photo of the cushion cover after it as all been pieced together. I love how the Paris and green fabric really compliment each other. (The world love that you see below is a little overlay I popped on my photo .. It’s not on the final cushion top)

Love Heart Cushion Front

I always knew I was going to use the Paris fabric for the backing, as I think Olivia will love it. I originally chose ‘Sweet Pea,’ as the applique font, but realised that it was a little too skinny and the applique might look a little funny on it. Below is what the Sweet Pea font look like .. It’s gorgeous right, but those skinny bits of the letters would be a little tricky I thought.

Sweet Pea Font Applique

I decided to use, ‘Pacifico‘ as the font, and here’s what the applique process looks like.


This is what the front and back look like. Finished size is 16″, and I popped an 18″ insert in because I like my cushions to feel rounder. When I put the same size insert into the same size cushion cover, they always feel a little too flat for my liking.


So what do you think of this one? I’m currently working on the other cushion for this commission, and I’m sticking with the love heart theme. I’ll be using all the same fabrics, but a different design so that the cushions are related, but not to ‘matchy matchy.’

I hope you’ve all had a really lovely weekend! x

Quilted Bed Footer – Starburst Block

Star Quilt Blocks (1)


The start of my next order – a quilted bed footer using a starburst block.

 I’ve decided to change the layout though, the very left hand block has now been moved to the very right, so that the dark floral fabrics are separated. The light blue and light blue floral fabric will now be featured in the middle.

This bed footer will feature at the bottom of a double bed.

The recipient for this order loves floral fabrics, so I’ve used 3 feature floral fabrics, and 3 supporting fabrics. I especially love the dark blue fabric, which I think pops so well against the other florals.

Blue Hue Floral Fabrics


I’d love to know what you think!

DIY Felt Flower Canvas Tutorial

I’m pretty excited to show my latest DIY home decor project – DIY felt flower canvas.

DIY Felt Flower Canvas

DIY Felt Flower Canvas


I used Carley’s tutorial as the basis for this project. It has fantastic step by step instructions on how to make one of these. I just wanted to share a couple of my own steps which I added in. I made one canvas first off, just to test out Carley’s instructions. I knew I wanted three (I think most decorations look better as an odd number), so I tested the one out first.

You can refer to the pictures in the gallery which will detail some of the steps for you.


Canvas – whatever size you like, and how many. The one I used was 12″ x 10″.

Backing fabric – I purchased a metre of fabric,which was more than enough

Felt – I also purchase a metre of fabric, and I had about half a metre left over

Hot glue

Step One

Hot glue your backing fabric onto the canvas. Cut corners out of the fabric though, otherwise you’ll get bulky corners like you can see on one of the photos of the gallery. I suggest adding a little cross to your fabric to mark out the middle. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to see the marks at all .. I found it helped just to space out my petals accurately.

Step Two

Cut rectangles as per Carley’s instructions. I added another 4 of the smaller size though, but I’ll explain why later.

Step Three

Fold rectangles in half put a dot of glue in the middle. Be careful not to burn yourself! Carley’s instructions say to flip the rectangle over and add more dots of glue, but I decided to cut my petals out first. Whilst the rectangle is still folded, cut one side of the rectangle at a curve to create a petal. I liked mine to be more pointed, but you could make them round if you wanted – it’s entirely up to you! Once cut, flip your rectangle and add dots of glue to either side like Carley’s tutorial.

Step Four

Layer them in the centre of your canvas. They will overlap if we stick with the 10 large petals, and they won’t sit perfect (believe me, I tried), but you won’t really see it at the end, so don’t stress.

Step Five

Rinse and repeat the gluing / flipping / cutting process for the 2nd layer. Space them in the centre of the large petals.

Step Six

Rinse and repeat the gluing / flipping / cutting process with 7 of the small size petals. Space these evenly over the 2nd layer of petals.

Step Seven

Carley’s tutorial said to only half glue 4 of the small size petals, in order to fill up the centre a bit. For each of my 3 canvases, I used a total of 6-7. I found that 4 left too big a gap, and uneven spacing which really bugged me so I just cut out a few more and half glued them and spaced them until I was happy with them. I also found cutting these final layer of petals at a slight angle made it easier for me to glue my middle piece in.

Step Eight

Using your remaining petals, shape a rosebud type centre piece and glue together. There’s no hard and fast rule for this, just shape whatever you think will look good, and will cover the middle section of your piece.

Step Nine

Primp and fluff the petals until your heart’s content. You’ve finished, and can now hang your piece on the wall!


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I hope you find Carley and my’s tutorial helpful. If you have any questions regarding any of the steps at all, I’d be more than happy to help so leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to try and lend a hand – good luck!