Taggie Blankets + Baby Shower Cushions

So I couldn’t help myself; rather than working on items for Coco I’ve made some taggie blankets and cushions for girlfriends who have babies on the immediate horizon, and had baby showers over the last 2 weekends.

I haven’t worked with minky before but I was super keen to give it a whirl. I’ve heard it’s a very slipper fabric to work with which is why I haven’t tried using it as a backing for a quilt yet, and my gosh, minky really does like to slip and side everywhere!

It’s also the first time I’ve made taggie blankets and it was such a fun process. I used Cassie’s tutorial (find it here) to step through it, but it’s a pretty easy process really. I made mine 8 x 8″ so it’s really a travel type taggie blankey.

The first cushion I made was a bunting cushion with an applique on the front, along with a coordinating taggie blanket. This cushion is for a baby girl, and I used  a very cute pastel based animal fabric for the bunting flags, back of cushion and back of the taggie blanket. The applique and binding was done in a very light, sweet green.

The second cushion and taggie blanket I made couldn’t be more opposite! This is for a boy whose parents love anything Star Wars / superhero / Pokemon related. I was able to utilise various Star Wars fabrics that I had in my stash from completing this cushion, and used a disappearing 9 patch quilt block to create the final look. I’m really pleased with how this turned out, as I personally love the punches of red and yellow throughout the top.

I’m excited to give the Star War cushion and taggie blanket to my girlfriend this weekend – I can’t wait until she opens it, because I have a feeling she’s going to be over the moon!

Now that I’ve got these out of my system, I’m moving onto items for Coco including a gender neutral baby mobile, and of course, a quilt and cushion for Coco! I’ll be cross stitching an adorable fox pattern which I’m going to sew into Coco’s cushion. I’m thinking of using a jelly roll for Coco’s quilt so I’m in the process of finding some jelly roll quilt tutorial inspiration, as I haven’t used one before!

I’m really looking forward to making some handmade items for our bundle of love.





Finito! – Harry Potter Cross Stitch Cushion

After some crazy mammoth stitching sessions, lots of knots in my shoulders and neck – this amazing Harry Potter sampler cushion is doneski!

Completed - Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch Cushion

Completed – Harry Potter Sampler Cross Stitch Cushion

I don’t usually like to toot my own horn, but how amazing does it look?!

Avid Harry Potter fans can find the pattern here. I absolutely adore the amount of detail in this pattern (I mean, check out that marauders map!) but by goly, this was a hard one to stitch, especially in the crazy time frame that I had.

I bordered the pattern in a 2.5″ teal fabric, and completed the cushion with eggplant binding. This is the first time I’ve made a cross stitch into a cushion and I found it really easy, just like stitching a normal cotton cushion. You can check out Tiny Modernist’s post if you need some help sewing a cross stitch cushion.

I have  a whole heap of friends who are Harry Potter fans, and after adding this to Crosstitchery’s facebook page, I’ve received another 3 orders for the same pattern! I’ll also be stitching this adorable pattern for a new baby, due in November.

These commissions will all be started when Mr A & I get back from Japan – we leave in just 2 days! :)


What Not to Do ..

I posted about my awesome Harry Pottery sampler WIP earlier which has now turned into a commission – yay!

 I have to share what not to do when it comes to cross stitching, or any kind of craft project really .. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WHILST TIRED!

I repeat: Do not do (cut, stitch, glue, sew) anything whilst tired. Learn from my mistakes. For the love of God, do not do what I did on this WIP, otherwise you’ll spend nights trying to catch up and get back to where you were.

Let me explain …

I stumbled across the Harry Potter sampler whilst I was between commissions, and decided I wanted to work on it simply because I loved it. I cut out my aida, got to sewing, and I got as far as my progress shot in my previous post.

The next night I was working away, and went to count out the pattern again and my heart dropped. The pattern wasn’t going to fit!! I’d cut my aida too small when I was originally starting, and to add to that, I hadn’t centred my fabric correctly in my Q Snap frame when I first started. Realising that it wasn’t going to was truly heartbreaking. I was already worried that I’m not going to complete this in time due to the detailed nature of this pattern, then I had to go and make such a stupid simple error like that .. Truly heartbreaking.

So, please learn from my mistake and don’t do anything whilst tired. It doesn’t work out well!

Harry Potter Cross StitchI pulled 7+ hour sessions of stitching on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and this is my progress so far. Those flags are so detailed; 2 of them took me over 8 hours! :| :|

Please keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be able to stitch this on time, especially as we fly out to Japan on the 21st of October – it has to be done before then!

WIP – Harry Potter Cross Stitch

Harry Potter - WIPI’ve made a start on this adddddorable Harry Potter cross stitch that I mentioned earlier, and thought I’d share a progress photo of my work so far. How cute is the detail in Harry, Ron and Hermoine?! I love Harry’s glasses and scar the most I think.

I popped this on my Instagram and Facebook page, and have had 2 orders for it already! I’ll be completing one relatively quickly (if I’m honest, I’m slightly worried that I’m going to run out of time .. I see many nights spent watching Harry Potter, and stitching Harry Potter in my future), and will be turning it into an 18″ cushion – stay tuned!