Gender Neutral Nursery Colours

Mr A & I aren’t finding out the gender of our bundle of love, as we’d like to keep it a surprise until it’s game time! It doesn’t matter to us if we have a boy or a girl; a healthy, happy baby is all that’s on our mind after some health complications recently.

We’ve decided on our gender neutral nursery colours which are navy, light grey and white. Funnily enough, these were our wedding colours also! Here are the paint swatches so you can see the colours we’ll be painting.


I love these colours as they have great contrast between each other, and I don’t think they’ll date over time. It’ll be easy to add pops of colour depending on if Coco is a boy or a girl, and this is what we’re thinking for Coco’s nursery depending on what we end up having!






















Depending on the gender of Coco, we’ll be adding in pops of lime green or coral in the form of furnishings and perhaps wall decals.

Mr A & I bought paint on the weekend, so we’ll be starting our nursery makeover shortly and I can’t wait! We’ve already purchased an amazing nursing chair which we’re going to DIY into a rocking chair (there will definitely be a post about this!), and the curtain rail, curtain and dresser which will double as the change table. Things may be a little quiet around here as we undertake some DIY projects and I finish up my last Harry Potter cross stitch, but I’ll keep those of you following along with our projects updated on the progress.




Finito! – Yellow & Grey Nursery Decor

Yellow & Grey Nursery Decor

As promised, a completed picture of all the elements for my latest commission to suit a yellow & grey, gender neutral nursery.

This commission contained  a cot quilt, with a cushion and some bunting to match.

I am SO pleased with how this all turned out! I love the fabrics and the colours.

And in exciting news, it turns out baby has come 2 weeks early and it’s a girl! :)