Delicious Green Smoothie

IMG_1832Green smoothies are my go to breakfast now, because I’m trying to make sure I get enough minerals and vitamins into me during my last trimester to support Coco’s growth spurts!

I thought I’d share my go to green smoothie recipe, because it’s just so delicious.


  • Frozen banana
  • Handful of spinach
  • Half a Lebanese cucumber
  • Half an avocado
  • 200g (1 and a half cup) of almond milk
  • Chocolate protein powder
  • Handful of ice

Chuck it all in to your Thermomix / blender / Nutribullet, pop it into whatever jar you’d like, and drink away!

A great way to start your day and make sure your kick start your body with healthy, wholesome ingredients.


DIY Menu Plan

I’ve been thinking for quite awhile now that Mr A and I need to menu plan in our household. Too often, we both get home from work and can’t be bothered deciding what to cook for dinner, or we don’t have the ingredients required to cook whatever we have finally decided on.

Since getting our thermomix, we have a no take away rule in our house. Given how easy it is to create fast healthy meals in the thermomix, we have no excuse. The one thing I wanted to add into our house to supplement creating healthy meals was a menu plan board.

Our menu plan board will be going onto the back of our pantry door, so it had to be small, lightweight, and easy to use as there’s not a huge space behind our door.

Menu Plan (1)Here’s what my DIY menu plan board looks like. I’m pretty happy with it, and it ticks all the boxes; lightweight, affordable, easy to use, and good lookin’!

I had a look on Pinterest for some inspiration, and these were some of the ideas that I came across;

  • Laminated cards – meal on the front, ingredient on the back for a quick shopping list
  • Fortnightly plan – eliminating the need to grocery shop each week
  • Pockets – pockets to rotate meals around to ensure Mr A and I don’t get bored
  • Lightweight & easy to install

Our menu board is actually a picture frame. I added some funky scrapbook paper to the back of the frame to tart it up a little.

The menu cards are stuck on the Blu Tac. I saw lots of menu boards had pretty pegs, which looked really cute, but wouldn’t be functional for our space at all. I cut the pockets from scrapbook cardboard, used some pinking shears to give the tops of them a bit of zing, and then used foam letters that I purchased as Spotlight.

In total, the menu board cost $30. Half of this was laminating the menu cards, as we have about 45 menu options all up. When we think of some more meals, I’ll just add them and do a bulk run to our local shop to have them laminated.

DIY Menu Plan BoardMy favourite thing about this is definitely having the ingredients on the back of the cards. It means once our meals are picked for the fortnight, our grocery list is already 90% done. As we go along, Mr and I add things to our grocery list to make sure nothing gets missed.

I’ve found going to the shops on a fortnightly basis, rather than on a 2-3 day basis like we were doing before has helped tremendously with our budget. We know exactly what we need, what we have left, and what we’re going to use .. so there’s less chance of unncessary things being added to our trolley, left in the fridge, and then thrown out.

Somehow though, chocolate makes it in our trolley even though it’s not on the menu board .. I’ll have to work on that I think! ;)

I’d love to know what you think of our DIY menu plan board – love it? hate it? made one yourself that you’d love to share?