& Crosstitchery Completes First Triathlon!

I completed my first triathlon yesterday, and let me tell you, it was an AMAZING experience! I had been training for about 3-4 weeks doing laps in the pool, 2 ocean swims, and several bike / run sessions, but nothing could’ve prepared me for all the different feelings yesterday.

The distances I did were a 300m ocean swim, a 7km bike ride, and a 3km run. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was the perfect distance for me in hindsight – enough of a challenge to get my heart pumping, but small enough to not make me swear off  doing another one ever again.

It started with a 4:30am wake up as the venue was about an hour’s drive from our house. Mr A was amazing and woke up with me as he said he wanted to be at the finish line to support me – he’s not a morning person so that was a big ask for him haha! We arrived at about 5:30am, and I waited for a couple of my friends to get there so we could all put our bikes into transition together.

Other women had started to arrive by this stage also, and I realised that my bike was not at all suitable – I had a mountain bike with fat, spiky tyres, and others had slim, lightweight bikes with very thin tyres, but it was too late and I figured what the hell!

IMG_0486A group of ladies from our boot camp all participated, some doing the mini and some doing the long version – it was so lovely to have a group of girlfriends doing this with me!

This is us before we started – we’d all transitioned our bikes and were awaiting our briefing for each of our races.





4 of my girlfriends did the same distance as me, and because we registered as a group we all started in the same wave. Luckily the ocean was relatively flat in the morning and before we knew it the horn sounded and we were off on the swim.

I knew the swim was going to be the hardest leg for me going in, and by goly it certainly was. There was about 70 people in our wave start so feet and hands were going everywhere. No one intentionally hit anyone else, but it was impossible not to make contact with others. The swim was in a rectangle, so 125m swim out to a right hand turn at the buoy, then 50m across with a right hand turn at the buoy, and then 125m swim into the shore. The last 125m felt like it too SO long, and I was so thankful to have the shore under my feet by the end. I definitely expelled a lot of energy during the swim trying to find my own space to effectively get into my stroke.

I then moved into the bike transition and had one of my girlfriends just behind me. We were able to find our bikes together, and both had trouble with our shoelaces! I’m not sure if I was just overwhelmed or what, but it took me 3 goes on each foot to try and tie my shoelaces; definitely a bit of time wasted with a 3 and a half minute transition, but that’s what a first time is about I think! I had to pop shorts, sunglasses and my helmet on which was all fine, but I could not for the life of my get my bike off the rack! I had to hang it by the seat and it has a very heavy frame – it took a couple of goes but I finally got there.

I hopped onto my bike after the mount line and straight away could feel it in my quads and hamstrings. There was a slight hill during the course, and on this leg of the triathlon I definitely felt the fact I had completely the wrong bike for the conditions. Everyone whizzed straight past me on their road bikes, whilst I was struggling with all the traction generated from my tyres. If I ever do another triathlon, I will definitely be changing bikes. I used HEAPS of energy during this leg thanks to the type of bike I used. I lost quite a few spots on this section and I really put that down to my bike type.

Once the bike leg was finished I moved into the run transition which was really easy – just put my bike on the rack, took my helmet off and then whizzed through to the run entry. This transition only took about a minute so it was relatively easy.

The run was going to be my second hardest leg I thought, but it actually ended up being the easiest. I think the run portion is all mental stamina – you just tell yourself not to stop and to keep running, and if you zone out you can get into a good pace. There were a lot of people walking at this stage – whether they’d gone flat out in the first 2 legs and were tired, or were just taking short breaks I’m not sure, but I picked up quite a few spots on this leg as I just kept a good pace and would go around people when necessary. Keeping a constant pace is far easier than going fast for a few seconds and then walking a few seconds; I mean that’s basically interval training!

The run felt a lot longer than 3km as it was a very hot day yesterday. Mr A was waiting for me at the finish shoot and gave me a big cheer, along with 2 of my other girls who did the shorter  distance and had finished – it was so so awesome and such a big boost mentally to have people at the end cheering you on.

I ran through the final arch, received a medal, and met with my girlfriend who finished about a minute before me. We waited right at the end for our other 2 girlfriends to finish; we weren’t far apart between finishing at all!

Going in, I had no expectation of time or place or anything, I was honestly just focused on actually finishing for my first one! I was thinking it would take me between 1 hour to 1.25 hours to finish, so I was pleasantly surprised when I turned around and saw 53 mins on the clock!

Once we all finished we grabbed lots of water and some fruit to refuel. One of our girlfriends did the long course, so we all stayed and supported her during her bike and run transition, and cheered her on at the finishing shoot.

It was an amazing day and I’m SO glad I did it – it’s something to tick off my list, and who knows, once I get the correct bike I think I’d like to complete some more!

Here’s some snaps from yesterday.



Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 11 + Rest Day(s)!!

I had my first complete rest weekend from BBG since I started – I always do LISS on a Saturday, but this Saturday, we were road tripping to Albany early in the morning, so unless I was going to work out in the car (and I was driving!) it wasn’t meant to be. The drive is to Albany about 4 hours, and as soon as we got into town we were busy.

Usually I’d feel super guilty about this – I’m a slight perfectionist, and quite often set myself high goals, so before BBG, I would’ve kicked myself for missing a workout.  I’ve learnt during these last 11 weeks that it’s all about balance. I’ve worked out 6 days a week (sometimes twice in 1 day), for the last 11 weeks, so having 1 weekend off really is not the end of the world. My body needs it. My soul needs it. And taking the weekend off and spending heaps of time with Mr A has been awesome!

We lunched and walked, checked out the new National ANZAC Centre (which is amazing), caught up with family for a christening and engagement party, and checked out the Albany whaling station. All in all, a delightful weekend.

On the drive down I saw these beautiful yellow fields – yellow is my favourite colour, so anything yellow always catches my eye. I later learnt these yellow flowers were canola, and are ALL over the fields during the drive down – Mr A and I were determined to find a field to take some photos in. Mr A is a great photographer, and captured some photos that I <3!

I’m so glad I took this weekend off, and didn’t fret about working out. Enjoying our time away together is exactly what we needed.

I’m onto Week 12 today and am looking forward to my workout already – ready to smash out legs to start Week 12!




Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 11, Day 4

Just over 1 week to go until I finish my first round – CAH-RAY-ZEE!!

Recapping Week 11 so far;

IMG_1191Monday – Legs Resistance

Consisted of jump lunges, split squats, 180 degree squats, squat and press, x hops, knee ups, double bench jumps, and snap jump + knee ups. I found the hardest exercises to be jump lunges (50!), x hops, and double bench jumps. This is the first time I’d see snap jump + knee ups appear, and I actually really enjoyed them. I still need to work on my form for X hops – I find it really hard to squat correctly in the middle. I was dripping in sweat after this workout!


Tuesday – Abs Resistance

Consisted of hip lifts, straight jack knifes, mountain climbers, ab bikers, bench hops, weighted bent leg jack knifes, leg raises an raised leg sit ups. Needless to say, I’m still sore 2 days later haha!

Wednesday – LISS

Completed my usual boot camp which was great. Part of me wonders if I’d be better off doing actual LISS, because my Wednesday and Saturday LISS aren’t really ‘LISS’. I’ve always understood LISS to be a power walk, using 60-70% of maximum heart rate, but I’ve over this as our boot camp has varied exercises. We sometimes even end up doing HIIT for boot camp.

Thursday (Today) – HIIT & LISS

I’m planning on doing interval sprints on the treadmill, plus a power walk this afternoon after work. I plan to do pyramid internal sprints which look like this;

  • Speed 13.5 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)
  • Speed 14 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)
  • Speed 14.5 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)
  • Speed 15 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)
  • Speed 14.5 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)
  • Speed 14 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)
  • Speed 13.5 – 45 secs on, 15 secs off (2 times)

Yep, that is 14 minutes of HIIT. Cray cray, but I’m up for the challenge – I’ll let you know how I go.

Friday – Arms Resistance

Saturday – LISS

Sunday – Off (hooray!)

I received our #BBGmeet up singlets on Tuesday also, which is super exciting! I think they’ll put us all in a great state of mind for our group meet up. If you’re in Perth and are interested, please join our, ‘Perth BBG Girls,’ page! It has all the meet up details, and is a great source of motivation, support, and inspiration :)



Perth Giants .. Amazing!

Mr A & I had a lovely Valentine’s weekend – I hope you all did too!

Perth hosted an amazing arts event this weekend for the Perth International Arts Festival. The backing to this amazing event was a story revolving around Indigenous people of Australia; you can have a look here for the beautiful story.

The giants are operated by cranes and support crew, who use rope and pulleys to move the limbs of the giants. The sheer manpower required to move the huge limbs of the giants is incredible.

The organisers of this event anticipated over 1 million people would attend over the 3 day period. I think this definitely happened .. The lines for public transport like buses and trains were SO long, and the number of people in the crowds to see the giants was actually incredible.

I took a few photos of the giants to share with you all, but they honestly don’t do them justice. The amount of detail on the giants was so impressive.

If the giants come to your city, make sure you go and see them. I’m not sure I’ll ever witness  something similar, and I’m so glad that Mr A & I took the time to battle the crows and make our way into the city.

DIY Flower Styling for Wedding

Hessian & Lace Mason JarsI posted our DIY mason jars for our wedding not long ago, and I’ve noticed a few search terms leading to my blog, including wholesale flowers, perth, wedding etc. I remember doing the exact same searches, and not really finding too much information so I want to share the details for those of us living in Perth, Australia.

We bought our flowers from wholesalers in Leederville; specifically Everbloom. I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the other wholesalers situated close to there, but Mr A and I basically walked between the stores buying enough to style our wedding, at reasonable prices. One thing to keep in mind is not to mention you’re buying for a wedding, because for whatever reason, they’re not allowed to sell to you if you’re buying for a wedding. So as exciting, and awesome as it all is, I suggest keeping tight lipped about this particular detail.

Mr A & I also hit up Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley for flowers. There are HEAPS of delis there that have rows and rows of pots with gorgeous flowers at reasonable flowers, and we got the majority from Beaufort Street. We literally walked up and down Beaufort Street and ducked into various shops along the way when I saw bunches that caught my eye.

We went on our flower adventure the day before our wedding, because the wholesalers generally keep their flowers in a cold room to ensure they last longer. We had no issue at all with the flowers curling in, or going brown, as you can see from my previous post.

One other thing to keep in mind is doing your own flowers is great, if you don’t have a particular type, style or colour in mind. I loved our mix match of flowers, but that isn’t for everyone, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking of doing your own flowers.

Hessian & Lace Mason JarsI calculated how much money we saved and it was over $400.00!! If your wedding has as many flowers as ours did, then I definitely suggest doing your own.

I’d also recommend changing up the heights, textures, colours, and types of the flowers .. Not everything has to exactly the same! Your tables don’t need the exact same flower in the exact same colour, coupled with baby’s breath to make things look good .. I think variety is the spice of life.

Best of luck in your wedding planning, and I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day. Remember that it is only one day for the rest of your marriage, and whilst it would be GREAT if it were perfect, as long as you’re married by the end of the day, then it’s a bloody great day :)