Thermomix Green Smoothies & Juices

I never used to make smoothies or juices prior to owning our Thermomix, because I found them quite fiddly and they seem to take up too much of my time.

I know. I was just making excuses for myself, because really, smoothies and juices are not that hard AT ALL. So anyway, moving right along from my excuse making ways, I’ve recently started making a smoothie each day in the morning for breakfast.

My recent recipe is this;

  • 30g Almonds
  • 20g Sunflower Seeds
  • 20g Linseeds
  • 5g Chia Seeds
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Handful of Strawberries
  • 2 Handuls of Spinach
  • ~ 200g Milk
  • 40g Ice

I mill the grains first, then add my fruit / veggies, then milk and then ice. I should note the above varies on whether it’s just me, or also Mr A who is having a smoothie.

Whilst this has been yummo, I’d like to increase my vegetable intake. I’ve seen so many green smoothie / juice recipes, but I’ve yet to actually make one because in truth, I find them a little overwhelming. I’m not sure how I feel about a cucumber, ginger and parsley green smoothie or juice just yet (I don’t even like parsley!!), so I’m hoping to dip a teeny tiny toe in first.

In aid of this, I stumbled upon this blog post and the below .. A pyramid guide to green smoothies and juices! I know it has Vitamix all over it, but really, anyone could use this guide.

I’m going to start building my own up, and hopefully I get used to this green smoothie & juice thing every is raving about. I think I’ll start with spinach, apple, pear, and water to begin with. I think the apple and pear will add the sweetness I’m after, thought I intend to gradually reduce this over time.


Also, for those of you who read my blog for craft updates, I promise I have something soon. I’m slowly trying to get over the funk I recently experienced, but it’s taking time because I haven’t completely taken a step back just yet .. So don’t leave me just yet – I’ll have something soon! :)