DIY Flower Styling for Wedding

Hessian & Lace Mason JarsI posted our DIY mason jars for our wedding not long ago, and I’ve noticed a few search terms leading to my blog, including wholesale flowers, perth, wedding etc. I remember doing the exact same searches, and not really finding too much information so I want to share the details for those of us living in Perth, Australia.

We bought our flowers from wholesalers in Leederville; specifically Everbloom. I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the other wholesalers situated close to there, but Mr A and I basically walked between the stores buying enough to style our wedding, at reasonable prices. One thing to keep in mind is not to mention you’re buying for a wedding, because for whatever reason, they’re not allowed to sell to you if you’re buying for a wedding. So as exciting, and awesome as it all is, I suggest keeping tight lipped about this particular detail.

Mr A & I also hit up Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley for flowers. There are HEAPS of delis there that have rows and rows of pots with gorgeous flowers at reasonable flowers, and we got the majority from Beaufort Street. We literally walked up and down Beaufort Street and ducked into various shops along the way when I saw bunches that caught my eye.

We went on our flower adventure the day before our wedding, because the wholesalers generally keep their flowers in a cold room to ensure they last longer. We had no issue at all with the flowers curling in, or going brown, as you can see from my previous post.

One other thing to keep in mind is doing your own flowers is great, if you don’t have a particular type, style or colour in mind. I loved our mix match of flowers, but that isn’t for everyone, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking of doing your own flowers.

Hessian & Lace Mason JarsI calculated how much money we saved and it was over $400.00!! If your wedding has as many flowers as ours did, then I definitely suggest doing your own.

I’d also recommend changing up the heights, textures, colours, and types of the flowers .. Not everything has to exactly the same! Your tables don’t need the exact same flower in the exact same colour, coupled with baby’s breath to make things look good .. I think variety is the spice of life.

Best of luck in your wedding planning, and I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day. Remember that it is only one day for the rest of your marriage, and whilst it would be GREAT if it were perfect, as long as you’re married by the end of the day, then it’s a bloody great day :)


Wedding DIY #3 – Hessian & Lace Mason Jars

Mr A & I did a lot of our wedding ourselves, including sourcing, and styling the flowers.

Mason jars are very popular, which makes sense because they can be styled to suit any event. They’re simple, inexpensive, and can be tarted up or down for any requirement.

I decorated mason jars with hessian, lace and ribbon and used these jars to hold our table centrepieces which were a mix match of all different types of flowers; different textures, colours and heights from local wholesalers in Perth, Western Australia. Some of the jars I left plain, because we literally had mason jars everywhere. Whether they held flowers, or simply had tea light candles in them for later on in the night, they all looked fantastic.

Here’s a few photos which might give you some inspiration for your own wedding or event. These worked perfectly for our wedding theme and style wise, as they were relaxed, casual, with touches of DIY which is a great reflection of our day.