DIY Bunting Cupcake Toppers

It has been crazy busy at the Crosstitchery household, getting ready and planned for one of my best friend’s kitchen tea / hen’s in the lead up to her wedding.

We celebrated it this weekend with a bohemian themed day & night adventure. It’s been about 2 months in the planning, so to have it go off without just a few minor hitches was a HUGE relief – I really just wanted my friend to have an amazing day and night to remember, and I’m 99% sure that is the case .. so big win!

I catered a lot of the food for the event, including some cupcakes for the afternoon tea portion. I had originally ordered some handmade heart cupcake toppers and confirmed prior to ordering, that I would receive them by the 15th of January, as I needed them on the 16th of January.

Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive on the 15th, and with the event the very next day I was scrambling to make some cupcake toppers for the next day. I finished work late, so no shops were open and I had to make do with things I had around our house.

Cue – fabric sticky tape bunting toppers!

These were SO easy to make, I made 24 in about 15 minutes and they’re just so adorably cute.

I grabbed some fabric tape that I had laying around (the gods were looking down on me in the stressful time I think!), and I cut a 3cm (~ 1″) strip, wrapped it around a toothpick, and then just snipped inwards on either side to create the bunting look.

The overall flag size was about 1.5cm (0.6″) which was perfect for the cupcakes I made.

Just wanted to share this really quick, simple DIY as it’s too easy (and cute!) for me not to share with you guys.

My friend had an amazing day and night, and we made some awesome memories to celebrate her wedding coming up shortly. I feel very lucky to be included in such a special time as her Maid of Honour.

In other craft news, I’ve got an order for a, ’50 Shades of Grey,’ inspired cushion, 1 more Harry Potter sample cross stitch /cushion to complete, and a potential baby quilt to make, so there’s a fair bit on the go in our household at the moment. I cannot wait to start playing around with the new fabrics I posted about previously – I just need a bit of spare time up my sleeve to have a play! :)




Happy Easter, & a Completion!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely celebration with your friends and family, and if you don’t live close to them, I hope you’ve had a lovely celebration in creating wonderful things!

Mr A & I didn’t do Easter eggs this year. It’s the first time in a long while, but I feel good about it. We instead spent that money on fabric for the NICU outfits I posted about previously. More about that fabric later, because this post is about my recent completion .. More cushions!

This commission is for a couple who are soon to be wed – in about 2 weeks actually! Their friend requested something personal for their big day. After some research, I found out this couple’s house is decorated in red and gray, and the soon to be wife’s (Mrs Rockliff) favourite colours are pink, grey and black.

I decided to do 2 cushions, 1 for Mr Rockliff and 1 for Mrs Rockliff, with complimentary patterns but different colours, so that they weren’t too ‘matchy matchy.’

Mrs & Mrs Rockliff - Cushion Top

Starburst Cushion Tops

Here’s what the cushion tops look like. I did a starburst pattern with a thick border in each colour, as I really wanted to pattern to stand out and for the cushions to be easily recognisable as Mr Rockliff and Mrs Rockliff.

After hearing about the couple’s home décor, I thought a geometric, clean line cushion back would be best. My plan was to applique Mr Rockliff, and Mrs Rockliff into their respective cushions, in red and pink fabric to match the front of the cushion. I had fun making sure the words were centred and straight hehe! I decided to take a photo of the back of the applique for once, because I never focus on that part. You can see below the stitching, and my use of stabiliser whilst appliqueing.

Mrs & Mrs Rockliff - Cushion Back

Positioning Applique

Mrs & Mrs Rockliff - Applique Back

Back of Applique with Stabiliser

Mrs & Mrs Rockliff - Completed Applique

Completed Applique for both Cushions


I used a lapped zipper installation for this cushion cover, but I’m going to write a separate blog post for that, as there’s a fair bit I want to mention about it. Originally the plan was for all lines of the cushion cover to run vertically, but I had some issues with the lapped zipper part of this cushion cover, which meant that the back wasn’t going to fit the front anymore, because it wouldn’t have been long enough.

I’ll admit, I had a tiny little melt down because I had already finished the applique by this stage, and I thought I was going to have to start again. I took a day’s break from this commission to think it through, and decided the back would actually look much better with some horizontal lines in it. Now that this is completed, I’m actually really glad I went with a vertical block, and a horizontal block.

I’m happy with the cushions backs turned out on this completion, as I think the couple’s names really pop out.

The finished cushion size is 16″, and I put a 18″ cushion insert into them. I like how the cushions have more depth with a large cushion insert in them, not to mention they’re a little snugglier!








A Year On – Wedding Day

Saturday, the 1st of November was Mr A & I’s first wedding anniversary. People say it all the time, but I actually cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.

 It has been a glorious year for us. Surrounded by best friends, new god daughter, amazing family, seeing the sights of Europe and surrounds .. It has truly been incredible.

Girlsfriends around me have recently gotten married, and some of them have mentioned how ‘depressed’ they feel following the wedding day. In some ways, I get it. So much time, effort, thought, and creativity goes into a wedding day, no matter what style of wedding you have. Whether it’s a big wedding, a low key wedding, a DIY wedding, a couture wedding, and wedding at home, an international wedding, or a local home grown wedding, each bride and groom put as much effort in as each other.

The idea of days after the wedding being depressing are foreign to me though. I was personally SO excited to start that next chapter, to have more energy to commit to Mr A & I, rather than being wrapped up in making and crafting things for the wedding. There are so many things after the wedding day to look forward to. It’s make the actual day just a drop in the ocean.

So, with this in mind, there have been so many amazing moments of this year for us.

1. Blessed with becoming god parents to a beautiful baby girl of our best friends. Probably the best thing of the year.

2. Blessed with travelling to 7 countries for 5 weeks for our honeymoon. Eating amazing food, meeting new and exciting people, doing things we would never ever do normally (paragliding included)!, seeing the sights of Italy, where Mr A’s family is from.

3. Making head way with our house. Making it more of our home.

4. Learning even more things than I ever thought possible about Mr A. 7 years together and I still learn new things each day.

There are many, many more, but it would make for too long a post.


So to you Mr A, who I know likely won’t read this, I love you. With all my heart, and every fibre of my body. Thank you for who you are, and all that you do.


DIY Flower Styling for Wedding

Hessian & Lace Mason JarsI posted our DIY mason jars for our wedding not long ago, and I’ve noticed a few search terms leading to my blog, including wholesale flowers, perth, wedding etc. I remember doing the exact same searches, and not really finding too much information so I want to share the details for those of us living in Perth, Australia.

We bought our flowers from wholesalers in Leederville; specifically Everbloom. I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the other wholesalers situated close to there, but Mr A and I basically walked between the stores buying enough to style our wedding, at reasonable prices. One thing to keep in mind is not to mention you’re buying for a wedding, because for whatever reason, they’re not allowed to sell to you if you’re buying for a wedding. So as exciting, and awesome as it all is, I suggest keeping tight lipped about this particular detail.

Mr A & I also hit up Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley for flowers. There are HEAPS of delis there that have rows and rows of pots with gorgeous flowers at reasonable flowers, and we got the majority from Beaufort Street. We literally walked up and down Beaufort Street and ducked into various shops along the way when I saw bunches that caught my eye.

We went on our flower adventure the day before our wedding, because the wholesalers generally keep their flowers in a cold room to ensure they last longer. We had no issue at all with the flowers curling in, or going brown, as you can see from my previous post.

One other thing to keep in mind is doing your own flowers is great, if you don’t have a particular type, style or colour in mind. I loved our mix match of flowers, but that isn’t for everyone, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking of doing your own flowers.

Hessian & Lace Mason JarsI calculated how much money we saved and it was over $400.00!! If your wedding has as many flowers as ours did, then I definitely suggest doing your own.

I’d also recommend changing up the heights, textures, colours, and types of the flowers .. Not everything has to exactly the same! Your tables don’t need the exact same flower in the exact same colour, coupled with baby’s breath to make things look good .. I think variety is the spice of life.

Best of luck in your wedding planning, and I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day. Remember that it is only one day for the rest of your marriage, and whilst it would be GREAT if it were perfect, as long as you’re married by the end of the day, then it’s a bloody great day :)

Wedding DIY #4 – Pallet Arrows

Mr A & I used pallets to create some directional arrows for our venue. Our ceremony and reception were held at the same venue, so we wanted to navigate our guests easily around.

These were fantastic, because they were free! We sourced the arrows from around our neighbourhood, and Mr A cut and sanded them to create a simple arrow.

I then painted them with a simple font, and ensured they were pointed in the correct directions.

We had 1 arrow for the ceremony (‘I Do’s!), 1 arrow for the reception (‘Dancing’), 1 arrow for our photobooth (‘Oh SNAP!), and 1 for our lawn games (Games).