Kayla Itsines // BBG 1.0 Review

IMG_1601The week before last I finished Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 for the first time! I cannot describe the elation I felt at finishing; I set myself a goal and smashed it!

I thought I’d provide a small review for anyone interested in starting, because I know when I first started looking into BBG, I wanted to read all the review I could to see if buying the guide was worth it. I’m not going to go into reviews of the exercises or anything like that, but more how I feel and what has changed for me over the last 12 weeks, as I think that is most important.

Let me start by saying that BBG is not a get skinny quick regime, or anything like that. It takes hard work, organisation, commitment and dedication – nothing in life that is worth anything is ever easy!

The guide is definitely worth the money; let’s break down the maths. $79.99 AUD BBG 1.0, x3 workouts a week for 12 weeks = 36 workouts in total. That works out to just over $2 a workout, and that’s just for the resistance workouts! Once you add in LISS and HIIT, you really do get your money’s worth.

IMG_0836In the beginning, I thought it was a huge amount to pay for an e-Book, but 12 weeks later I know it’s true value; I have changed my eating habits, I have learned resilience and stamina that I have never thought possible, and most importantly, I have learnt self love.

As women we are constantly barraged by avenues to think the worst of ourselves – all forms of media provide us with this idea of a perfect women, whether it’s looks, or attitude, or values, and it’s easy to be swept up in this when it is impressed on us from a young age.

My journey over the last 12 weeks to self love is mainly through the BBG community via Instagram for me mainly. There is a huge focus on all body types, on all stages of journeys, and most importantly, never comparing yourself to someone else’s body. It’s hard to explain, but the support, encouragement, motivation and inspiration I have drawn from other strong and healthy women is amazing. I’m not sure you quite understand this movement of empowered, courageous women until you start BBG – they know the sweat and pain that you’re experiencing, and they are there to help you, encourage you, and guide you! Nobody knows the feeling of having the burpees increase from 10 to 15 like your BBG sisters!

Before BBG I had an unhealthy relationship with food, and would often binge eat and then feel guilty for days. I have learnt during BBG that life is all about balance; healthy choices 80% of the time, and enjoying myself 20% of the time is my breakdown now. I don’t feel guilty about eating chocolate – I just pick dark chocolate instead which is better than white or milk chocolate. I snack a lot in order to keep hunger at bay, as I found that when I went longer than 2-3 hours without eating, I would make food decisions that were generally unhealthy.

BBG has taught me all of these things, I think because I’m working out so much. I want to fuel my body with good, healthy food to ensure it’s strong enough to keep working out. Now if I go more than 2 days without a workout, I really miss and crave exercise!

The journey of self-growth that I have experienced in the last 12 weeks is why I would definitely recommend the BBG 1.0 guide. It is what you make it, and the self discovery journey is worth it by itself. I’m sorry this review is a little all over the place; I’ve thought about this post for a few days and I can’t succintly write why I love BBG so much – I feel like it’s hard to adequately explain the emotional journey I’ve been on in the last 12 weeks!

I have restarted BBG 1.0 for a second time, and will be commencing another 12 weeks. I may pop posts up from time to time regarding Round 2, but I likely won’t be posting as much as I did for Round 1. Details of my journey can be found by clicking on Kayla Itsines – BBG  on my blog side bar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you have any specific questions about experiences with BBG, I’d love to hear from you!

Erin x

Some progress pictures of my experience with BBG are below – check out my Instagram for more!


Kayla Itsines // BBG Workouts, Home Equipment

If you’re just starting out in BBG, or you’re interesting in starting, working out at home and completing the BBG program at home is a completely viable option – how awesome is that?! Kayla has designed the guides so they are accessible to everyone – you don’t need a gym membership to be able to do the whole program.

A lot of the equipment is available for purchase at affordable pricing at stores like Kmart or Target. I’ve added links to all the equipment available from Kmart, and you can see it is affordable to purchase all the equipment you need. You could even check out Gumtree or eBay for new / used equipment!

Equipment List

Fitness Mat (Required) – You’ll use this for push ups, ab bikers, burpees, mountain climbers, and stretching. A requirement in my mind, as we spend a lot of time on the floor during BBG, and support and padding for our bums / backs is definitely a good thing!

Dumbells (Required) – You’ll use this for weighted lunges, and weight knee ups. The weight of your dumbells will depend on your fitness level and strength – Kayla has recommendations in her guides for weights. If you’re unable to purchase dumbells, fill up bottles of water instead and use them as your dumbells. Convenient for hydration during your workouts too! :)

Kettlebell  / Medicine Ball (Required) – You could use both, or you could just use one – it is up to you and your budget. I personally don’t have a medicine ball, and just use a kettlebell in place of when the guide has medicine ball squats. Again, the weight of either or both pieces of equipment is dependent on your fitness and strength.

Foam Roller (Required) – Optional to some people, but definitely required in my mind. Aids in recovery, and has so many benefits. Also required to recover from #deathbykayla haha! :) You can either purchase this from a store like Kmart, or purchase from Kayla’s website as you receive her Foam Rolling e-Book for free (usually $14.95 AUD). I purchased from Kayla’s website and found the e-Book really helpful, as I was a foam rolling beginner :)

Bench (Required) – You’ll use this for tricep dips, knee ups, and ab work. Use whatever you have at home, or check out fitness stores if you don’t have anything suitable. The most important part is that whatever you use must be stable and strong – no injuries please! I use our outdoor lounge set for my workouts, and it looks like this.


Skipping Rope (Optional) – This is optional as you can air skip instead, but I personally think it is required, only because I find I don’t ‘air skip’ very well, so I don’t get much of a workout if I don’t have an actual skipping rope.

Step (Optional) – You’ll use this for split squats and raised tricep dips (depending on your bench height). This is optional in my mind, as you could have an item at home that you could use. I found it quite hard to do my training without one though, so I’d recommend purchasing one.

Bosu Ball (Optional) – You’ll use this for bosu burpees and bosu push ups. I don’t have one of these and do a variation workout instead, so this is optional in my mind. I haven’t looked into pricing yet, but I’m going to look around as I think using a bosu would step up the intensity.

As you can see, buying equipment to start doing BBG at home is an affordable option, and best of all, you don’t have to have all this equimpent at once! If you’re just starting out, I would recommed buying first;

  1. Fitness Mat
  2. Dumbells
  3. Kettlebell
  4. Skipping Rope
  5. Foam Roller
  6. Bench (from home)

You can work your way up to the other equipment as your budget allows, but the above 6 items will give you a great start to working out.

Don’t let not having a gym membership get in the way of starting – the hardest part is taking the first step, but it won’t be long until you’ve made positive, healthy changes in your life, and the sweat will all be worth it!

Erin xx

Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 12

Yesterday was officially my last day of my 12 weeks Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 journey! I am so proud to have finished .. I quite honestly didn’t think I would. To get to the end is an amazing feeling, especially when I look back on photos and realise that I have made progress, both physically and mentally.

Our Perth BBG meet up was yesterday, and it was amazing! Meeting so many supportive, inspirational girls was so motivating. They were all so lovely, and getting feedback on each other’s experiences and feelings throughout different stages of the journey is wonderful – it is nice to know that others hate commandos and bench jump burpess as much as I do!

Our singlets went down a treat and we all looked fantastic – if anything can inspire team spirit, it’s matching singlets! :) We got amazing weather and completed pre-training Week 4 abs and arms – a killler workout. My shoulders and arms are well sore today, and it feels great!

Perth BBG Squad

Perth BBG Squad

 Week 12 was pretty hard for me. I completed legs on Monday to start off my week in the right way, but I was lacking sleep due to late nights, and the trend seemed to continue throughout the week. My motivation was low, and I was having difficulty getting up early to complete my workouts. On Wednesday I realised why this was – I was getting sick again! People really should stay home from work when they’re sick so they don’t spread it around the workplace.

In Week 12 I completed;

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – LISS & HIIT

Thursday -Rest (Sickness)

Friday – Rest (Sickness)

Saturday – LISS

Sunday – Pre Training Abs & Arms

So I didn’t finish Week 12 as per the guide, and in the past this would’ve really bothered me. I’ve come to realise though, it’s never going to be perfect. I am not perfect, and I don’t have to be! Just getting up and working out, making changes in our lifestyle to ensure we are healthy is such progress – striving for perfection just means I will never be happy with the changes along the way, because I’ll always be focused on this huge end goal. One of the things I’ve learnt in the last 12 weeks is small goals are important. When you reach them, you’re inspired and motivated to continue. If you only focus on a huge end goal and not the small goals in the middle, it’s easy to lose motivation and feel like you have failed.

Here’s my progress for my 12 weeks on BBG 1.0.

I lost 6.5 cms in total, but gained SO much more. My progress isn’t just physical – so many mental changes have taken place and that’s what I am most happy with. I know that I wasn’t big before, but I had an unhealthy relationship with food, and my view of my body was warped. These last 12 weeks have taught me to love my body for what it is. They have taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever realised. I am confident, healthy, and strong – that is the best kind of sexy there is!

I will be posting a review of my experience and thoughts of BBG shortly for anyone interested.

Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 11, Day 5 + HIIT

Just a little update on the HIIT that I did yesterday for Week 11 – pyramid interval sprints. You can get all the info about what I completed here.

First of all, I feel like I almost died doing this. I usually do 30:30 interval sprints, but changed it up to 45:15 (45 secs sprint, 15 secs rest). Can I just say, those last 15 secs felt like an ETERNITY, every. single. time!

I had to take a 1 minute rest about 8 minutes in, because I swear my lungs couldn’t keep up!

So, if you’re just starting HIIT, I’d recommend doing 30:30 and building up to 45:15 slowly. The jump from 30 secs to 45 secs was really intense for me.

I was SO sweaty after HIIT haha, but I lovvvve that burn.

 I also recorded my first #bbgvideo for Week 11 arms – you can check it out on my Instagram here!

Kayla Itsines // BBG Workouts, Home or Gym?

Do you complete your BBG workouts at the home or gym?

This is a question I see on Instagram and Facebook all the time from people who are just commencing, or are interested in starting BBG. There’s no right answer – it really does depend on your personal lifestyle and preferences.

I complete 99% of my workouts at home, so can vouch it is definitely possible to complete BBG without a gym membership, so keep in mind whilst reading this that I’m coming from a home workout point of view.

Home vs Gym for BBG Workouts


I can crank my music as loud as I want, and listen to whatever I want, without headphones or a phone strapped to me. To me, this is a big deal – music keeps my motivation during my workout, so being able to listen to what I want is a huge deal for me. Not being restricted by wires etc is great – I have full range of movement and am not subconsciously worried about damaging a MP3 player or phone attached to me.


Working out at the gym would be awesome for access to equipment; everything you need is there and you have access to all those different weights, which is awesome when you’re trying to challenge yourself. I think there is also a flipside to this – if you can only workout during peak gym period times, and all the equipment is being used, what do you do?

At home, all my equipment is right there, free for me to use whenever I want. The only downside to this is having to buy new equipment when I want to up my weights. But if you’re thrifty, you can find cheap equipment to increase your weight to continually challenge yourself.

This is a list of equipment required for BBG, BUT you don’t need a bosu ball straight away – I’m on Week 11 and still haven’t purchased one. If an exercise comes up for a bosu ball, I usually swap it for something else (an exercise which still challenges me).


You don’t need to purchase benches when you start either – use what you have at home! Do you have an outdoor couch or chairs? Do you have a sturdy coffee table? The options are endless for equipment that you already have, so think outside the box when you’re first starting out. Please just make sure the equipment you use is strong and stable – you could do some serious injury if not!


I am a sweaty, sweaty mess when I do my resistance training, and I know when I first started I would’ve been really self conscious completing my workouts in front of other people. 11 weeks later, I couldn’t care less, but I know when I first started I would’ve been put off with other people watching me.

Working out at home, I can make as much noise, and look as silly as I want. I think this is one aspect that is really important; you need to feel comfortable completing these workouts, and pushing yourself as hard as you can, and I think the gym could be distracting for that. It’s easy to be self conscious, and then not push yourself as hard, because other people are watching. In reality, all those other people are focused on their own workouts, and are probably not paying any attention at all, but when you’re first starting out, I suggest completing the workouts in an environment that you’re comfortable in.


These are the high intensity interval training workouts that you complete in Weeks 9 – 12. There are heaps of ways you can complete HIIT without being at the gym; interval sprints using an app on your phone which will notify you of the 30 second gaps, or tabata workouts at home. Tabata is another form of HIIT which basically has work section and rest section – when you’re working, you’re going flat out.

Here’s a tabata workout to try at home, which allows you to complete the HIIT component of BBG, without needing a gym!




So in summary, it is entirely possible to complete BBG at home, if you don’t have a gym membership! Do your research on equipment and check out Kmart, Target, eBay or Gumtree – these stores / websites have equipment at affordable prices.

If you want to start BBG, don’t let not having a gym membership get in your way – making the changes to start is the hardest part, but with a bit of organisation and research, it’s easy to make BBG and fitness a part of your lifestyle and everyday life.

Erin x